16 Oct

Planning the future

Planning TOGETHER the future of 750 dogs

Starting 1st November 2014, the collaboration with our main local sponsor will change. In short, this change will affect the shelter’ budget for all the daily activities and more precisely, 200 of the 750 dogs.

Of course, we’ll never leave a dog behind. It is our charity policy to never destroy (put to sleep) a healthy dog. Of course, we’ll never let some dogs starve. In consequence, all the 750 dogs will be affected.

We have a strategy to prevent this to happen but we need your help!

We have two options: to reduce the number of large shelter’ dogs and to close the Adoption Center where we have no sponsor to cover the dogs food and Flori salary. As an alternative, we can:

  • Increase the adoptions: Placing more dogs for adoption in Europe will give us the possibility to rescue other dogs in need, in the limit of our shelter’ space without overcrowding it – in the limit of our financial resources.
  • Increase the donations: Our partners from USA and Europe are trying to find solutions to increase our income – besides the day by day dogs care, our shelter needs improvements and additional investments.

  • Obtain donations in kind: If you are good writing letters (or willing to give it a try) , please contact companies in your area (or across Europe) with a short description of our activity and current struggles.  Every time we obtain donations of food, medical supplies, disinfectant, working clothing and protection equipment for the staff – or anything else that we should pay otherwise for – the donation of products will enable us to save the budget for more rescue missions. Contact us at rolda@care2.com to exchange ideas and take a look to the updated wishlist page.
  • Increase our charity (including charity’ international branches) members to generate a steady income. Contact

ROLDA Sverige to become a member info@roldasverige.se

ROLDA Norge at hegejurs@hotmail.com

ROLDA Suisse at scribars@gmail.com

We remind you that every month, the small shelter (Adoption Center) needs approx 3,000 EUR while the current deficit of the large shelter is 5,000 EUR.

Every month, we’ll update each shelter’ page presenting the percentage raised from the total needed:

1st Shelter – Adoption Center

Large shelter
2nd Shelter

In addition to these amounts, we need funding for new investments and maintenance work.

The sad option would be to relocate 200-300 dogs (sterilized dogs to be returned on the territory, where they will be exposed to hunger, possible abuses or death). And also we’ll be forced to close down the Adoption Center.

Our international team hopes that all the people that believe in our work will work hard with us to make all our 750 dogs’ future safe!