23 Oct

Important moments 2014

The day by day challenges in Romania keep our lives extremely busy, from the lack of volunteers and financial resources to the corruption, bureaucracy and the authorities indifference to our efforts to help the local community to solve a major problem.

When a new year is about to start, my heart and mind get full of new ideas, enthusiasm, new planning and new hopes. I learn from dogs and one important thing is to never loose hope.

Looking back to identify the most important moments in 2014, I should mention:

December 2013 

Invitation from the Norwegian Embassy to attend a conference about Corporate Social Responsibility. Meeting H.E. Tove Bruvik Westberg, the Ambassador of Norway in Romania.

Meeting H.E. Ambassador of Norway

January – February 2014

One of the worst time at the shelter when huge amounts of snow were accumulated and the snow storm that last a few days isolated the shelter from the village. We had to walk to reach the dogs, give them food and water and check if they are all OK.

Snow storm January 2014


60 children from nearby schools visited our shelters to become acquainted with our dogs, to learn about dog behavior, what sterilization means and why it is important, to discover the daily work from an animal sheltering.

Kids from local school'visit


Winning the 2nd place of “Life is better together”(Fundraising section), contest organized by PETCO Foundation USA, thanks to our team of amazing donors!


A new international branch of ROLDA opens in Switzerland.

ROLDA Swiss team

Demonstration in Geneva: 200 people, including members of the Association ROLDA Suisse protested against the killing of dogs from Romania.

The Swiss media covers the event.

Manifestation in Geneva for dogs

The Gatehunder fra Romania director, Hege and Mrs. B., one of ROLDA top supporters returned to our shelters. We made a short stop in Bucharest to talk to the officials of the Norwegian Embassy about the Romanian street dogs’ problem.

Visit at Royal Norwegian Embassy

Visiting with Hege the local pound was a mixed- feelings experience read more

One of the dogs rescued from the local PS arrived few weeks ago in Norway.

New land fully fenced.

The new plot, purchased end of 2013, was fully fenced.


70 children challenged in creation contests (drawing, literature) to raise awareness about the street dogs of Romania.

Winner education contest 2014, 1st June

Genial suggestion to encourage the local people to adopt street dogs vs. pure breed dogs…Can you believe it’s coming from a teenager named Rebecca?

It says: “Leave your prejudgments aside! Big dogs. Small dogs. Breed dogs. Ugly dogs. Too ugly, too small, too big, too hairy….”

1st June Education contest

Emilie and Anne traveled from Switzerland to do volunteering work in our shelters and at the end of their journey, transported 4 lucky dogs to their adoptive families.

Emilie, Anne with Dana, June 2014

Our supporters from Holland help us organize Flights for Freedom all year round.

Flight for Freedom - June 2014

Anne and Emilie meets the kids from local school.

Education campaign, June 2014


Silje from Norway who adopter of a ROLDA dog in 2012, volunteer for a week to help us…and she couldn’t come with empty hands!

Silje visits large shelter

Read Silje ‘ lovely testimonial here

Dutch embassy staff visit

H.E. Matthijs van Bonzel, The Ambassador of Holland visited our shelters.

Sterilized dogs released

The sterilization and return programs continue in partnership with AMG, our local sponsor.

Painting exposition in Switzerland

Exposition of paintings in Montreux, Switzerland creations of the artist Muriel.

ROLDA Suisse, August 2014

A delegation from ROLDA Switzerland visited our shelter and returned home with 9 adopted dogs.

Second exposition organized in support of Romanian dogs in Switzerland

2nd exposition organized in Switzerland


Yelena, adopter of Homer from Switzerland visited our shelters.

Read Yelena testimonial here.

She couldn’t leave with empty hands either….See how fastest ROLDA adoption happened.

First stamp dedicated to Romanian dogs

The first stamp created for the Romanian dogs became one of the official Swiss Post stamps!

ROLDA’s newest international branch is in Sweden – Association ROLDA Sverige : thank you Heidi, Sandra and Lisa!

Miki in Switzerland

Remember her? She is Miki – one of the ROLDA luckiest dogs,  adopted in Switzerland by Muriel.

Goods collected in Holland

These are some of the goods collected from ROLDA in Holland. Thank you Damen and all the Dutch animal lovers for their full support!


After 7 years of struggling with the bureaucracy, we finally have electricity at the large shelter.

Large shelter connected to the electric network

Sandra from ROLDA Sweden board returned to our shelters . Read her testimonial here.

Sandra October 2014

Lolita and Anne returns to transport 6 dogs to their forever homes.

Dogs arrival in Switzerland, October 2014

Swiss journalists interviewed ArcelorMittal Galati’ representative. Photographer: Shane from Blick.ch

ROLDA delegation visiting AMG to film interview

Special meeting of ROLDA branches: ROLDA Romania, Gatehunder fra Romania and Association ROLDA Suisse representatives meet in Galati!

Lolita with one of the Ambassador dogs

Swiss delegation meets H.E. the Ambassador of Switzerland in Bucharest . In photo, Lolita and one of the dogs of Mr Jean-Hubert LEBET, the Ambassador of Switzerland.


Van crashed

Our rescue van crashed in accident with a truck with no brakes. The truck had no insurance and in these conditions, we have no alternative but to try and raise funds so we can buy a new vehicle to continue rescue dogs.

Swiss Animal Protection

Swiss Animal Protection, Lolita and Michele PM covered almost half of the van cost. We still need to collect the rest.

End of November,  our Swiss partners attend two public events to raise funds (sell objects) for our dogs.

ROLDA Swiss team in action


During December, some lucky dogs are scheduled to travel to UK and Norway.

Our friend Shannon is busy to organize the first charitable concert for the Romanian dogs and not only – because during this event, we asked people from California to donate items for the local shelters, too!

Dog of the Year 2014

Meet Light, the Dog of the Year 2013. Two legs dog with strong personality, adopted in UK by Gail. To vote the Dog of the Year 2014 – please follow this link

Light, Dog of the Year 2013 with Dana

Major investments

Plant trees to form a natural barrier to protect shelter against snow storms (first phase)

Connect the clinic to water and electricity

Numbers that count!

  • 700 dogs feed and looked after, 24/day , 7 days/week

In addition:

  • 792 dogs sterilized from which TNR 235 dogs sterilized and returned, SOCIAL 167 dogs sterilized in the village;
  • 396 new dogs rescued from suffering on the streets or from being brutally killed, or ending up to die in public filthy shelters;
  • 135 dogs adopted in Romania and across Europe.


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