A Homeless’ Big Heart

Dana, February 2015. Copyright photo: Lolita Morena


I thought that being hungry, freezing or in pain is the worst. I was wrong.
The day I saw you standing in front of me, lifting me up in your arms from the filthy floor to the point where I could look straight into your eyes was the most beautiful experience I lived. But again, I was wrong.

I was welcomed in your home, standing near you on the couch, sniffing you and the meals you cooked, relaxing in a clean, warm, perfect bed.
I accepted the leash for you.
I tolerated the small cat which was in your home before you got me. In my past, I used to chase smaller animals to eat them…this is how I survived up to the date you met me. But for you, I ignored the cat and even the neighbor’s annoying poodle.
Walking aside you in park made me feel proud…
The day I peed on the entrance ‘carpet you got upset, but I couldn’t help it: I was so happy to see you!

I stopped chewing the corner of the couch although evenings were so long, waiting for you to come from work!
I stopped because eventually you came and I didn’t want to see you upset because of me.
I got used to climb and wait for you at the window when you came late and because it was getting dark, we couldn’t go in park, as we used to.
But it was fine. We had each other.

The day you came sick and couldn’t move from the couch it was the first time in my life when I forgot about food and drinking. I stand near you, couldn’t do much but was so afraid I will loose you, my friend! Luckily, it was just a cold.

The day your returned from work crying, I knew something really bad happened. You packed a lot of boxes, sat down in front of the house , saying nothing. You were not alone, but you couldn’t talk to me. I sat near you, I didn’t knew what else to do but had the feeling you need a friend.
You buried your face into my fur and start crying. You keep repeat that we remained without a home and this could have scared me, because the darkest time of my life was when I was homeless.

For the fist time, I wished I could speak. I was only able to lick your hand and your face. And you hold me. And that was truly the best moment of my life, even better than the day I came in your home. I felt like a loyal, useful friend. And I really didn’t care that we’ll not go back in the house, in the cozy, warm bed as long as I have you near me, forever!

The dogs that you will meet on sponsoradog.ro website are all former street, homeless dogs. Take a moment to meet them, if you search for a new furry companion for you and family. The amount of gratitude and loyalty that these dogs are ready to offer is tremendous. If you adopted a former street dog, in the past, you know what I mean. You will surely notice that they are ready to learn, adapt and modify their own instincts (which helped them to survive when they were on the streets). They will do everything to please you, to see you happy – and they will notice when you are sad.
The bond that creates between our dogs and the adopters is unique and inspirational. Rarely, we had failed. But for the impressive numbers of the times when specials bonds born between these pure souls and the humans that gave them a chance, we are determined to keep going.

said Dana Costin, President of ROLDA

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