11 Nov

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Stop Animal Abuses

Help!We’re being abused!Will you sign our petition?

Your signature can end animal cruelty!

Sign here our petition imploring the Romanian government to improve the degrading conditions of its public dog pounds where dogs suffer cruel and inhumane treatment before they are euthanized.

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Public dog pounds DO NOT exist to protect and care for homeless dogs rescued from the streets or abusive households.
That is an illusion.
They exist to systematically exterminate homeless dogs in order to control their growing population.

Pet overpopulation is a global problem that many are convinced can only be solved through euthanasia. Many governments have chosen to practice pet euthanasia, while others have been pressured into this option by their own citizens.
ROLDA is fighting to establish sterilization as the solution. Meanwhile, public dog pounds in Romania will continue to kill dogs after 14 days, but that does not give anyone the right to treat them like garbage before their death.

Sign Here Our Petition that will spare condemned dogs unnecessary abuse before they are killed.

Our last petition was successful in forcing the government to renovate the local dog pound in Galati that holds over 1,000 dogs. As a result, these dogs and those that will end up here in the future will receive decent hospitality.

Thousands of ROLDA supporters and animal lovers signed their name as a show of love and compassion for these defenseless dogs, and WE ARE FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU!
Now we’re asking you to sign here our new petition which will save dogs from suffering in other dog pounds across Romania.
Allowing these dogs to be dragged off the streets and placed in horrific pounds is cruel!


By signing our petition you are giving dogs the opportunity to experience some dignity and respect before they are euthanized.
Our last petition is proof that when we come together to voice our disapproval and express our anger over the inhumane treatment of condemned street dogs, the government listens.

Galati’s local pound was renovated, but hundreds of pounds across Romania are still abusing dogs. If we do not speak up, the government will remain indifferent and inactive.

We hold the power to stop and prevent the cruel treatment of condemned dogs in Romania.

I have visited many public dog pounds and witnessed their inhumane conditions, and I’ve also witnessed up close the cruel capture of street dogs.

These experiences have taught me that public dog pounds and the people involved in their operations do not care for dogs.
If we don’t confront the government and force them to take responsibility, they will continue to ignore the cruelty and pocket the money intended to protect homeless dogs.
We need to expose that they have the resources to renovate these public pounds and we expect them to fix the problem.

And that we will not go away until they do.

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With respect and hope,
Dana Costin
ROLDA President

PS.Your signature is valuable and necessary for our success, but alone it does not have the power to force change. Encourage your friends and family to sign their name for this great cause. TOGETHER WE CAN FORCE CHANGE!