In the most difficult moments, some choose to stay and some run away. That’s also when you see what true friends are for.  ROLDA is a responsible charity that helps the abused and neglected animals in one of the poorest region of Romania. We don’t turn our heads when seeing a malnourished, or very sick animal suffering at the edge of the road. Why? Because we are the only hope he has, his only chance to stay alive with dignity.


What chances this dog would have if we wouldn’t be there to give him hope?

I called him Nadie which means “No one” in Spanish. He had no one aside when we found him. The kids and even many adults were probably terrified to even look at him, many passed by either ignoring him “he is just a stray” …either exchanging comments like “he would be better put down” …while others find a reason to have fun “look what an ugly dog, that’s the worst I have seen”.


nadie4When I saw him, I froze. I couldn’t make any gesture and no thought came in my mind. I was in shock. By far, that was the worst case I have seen. The dog with worst skin problems I could have seen in my life. I have seen a lot in Romania and every time, I found the power to move on, tricking my mind with thoughts like “It’s not the worst case” or “The other dog had less chances but we saved him” etc


In Nadie’s case I knew from the beginning that’s the worst possible skin I ever seen. His body is full of infected skin (due to parasites and scratching), small parts of thicker skin (probably past infected skin which healed) lot of red skin and of course, no fur. The skin for around his head makes him look like a monster. He screams if you try to lift him from ground, we have to use special gloves or improvise from very soft blankets ways to move him to veterinary table, or back in his kennel.

The courage doesn’t always mean a heroic brave act. For this dog in particular, and sadly for many others, the courage is the power to survive until the next day and after that, to continue.


My mind stops before even trying to comprehend this dog’ pain or from where comes this dog’ force to stay alive. The specialist opinion is that the way Nadie’s skin looks, it didn’t happen overnight. This dog suffered for weeks and weeks and her immune system, every cell of his body fight to stay alive and not die of general infection.


Together with the specialist, we decided to give Nadie’s a chance but there is one condition in this battle: in case his disease will re-appear, in case he suffers a chronic disease we will put him to sleep. There are chances that his liver will cease after the medicines we are going to administrate him for the next 3 months. I stay near him. I felt his breath. I know he wants to live, he is a fighter….He doesn’t have any more the power to do it alone.   And he needs us. He needs you and you …and yes, you too.

nadie2No dog should live the Nadie’s nightmare. No dog should end up in this health state. Together we can help Nadie be healthy again. Or at least give him one single chance.


I rarely start a rescue operation with the euthanasia option in my mind. I am a fighter, I feel the power given by hundreds of supporters who back me up and I know each stray we rescue is a fighter. Nadie is a special case. He is so fragile, so weak now …and from such a longtime, so alone…

To be able to tell you his story, I spent some more time near Nadie. He eats well today, 2 little bowls of good food. He looks at you and quickly turns his head away: not in the mood for any “confrontations”. He is scared of strangers, but that’s not unusual. He is terrified to suffer more pain and already gave up scratching – all over, his body is marked with past wounds or new bleeding spots. I don’t think he gave up fighting.


I am asking you today to make a small or large donation to help Nadie, the dog who had no one and now, has only one chance. Help me keep a promise made from heart for an amazing dog.  I aim to send you an update with Nadie so transformed that you will hardly be able to recognize him.


I left him today in a kennel placed outside, where air is ventilated. I don’t know if I will find him tomorrow alive. Before leaving I made him a promise: I will not abandon him, I will not let him die. Nadie needs special diet food, antibiotics, combined with different skin treatments for the next 3 months, before we will see an improvement. It takes patience, lots of money and luck.