Aging horse asks for a peaceful end

My name is Big Bang.

I believe people mean well. As difficult as my life is, theirs is just as difficult.

I was born on a farm in Romania, and I was expected, as everyone in a low-income community is, to work hard. And the work I have. Now, however, I am old. I know 17 years may not seem like much, but for a horse that has been exploited since birth, it’s a lifetime.

My family brought me to ROLDA hoping to get me help for my respiratory disease, and other chronic illnesses that need expensive medicines.

If you asked me, I just need to rest. I am an old boy who wishes to continue to serve his family, but I cannot because of my failing health.

I’ve grown weak, and I am ravaged by disease. To be honest, I no longer have the strength to fight. But I worry because there is no refuge for an unhealthy horse like myself.

ROLDA wants to take me in and help me live my final days in peace, but they have no barn to house me, no food to feed me, and no money for my vet bills.

The alternative is not a kind one. One day, I will break down in our fields and die. I only hope there is a vet willing to provide a speedy and peaceful passing. But veterinary care costs money, which we do not have.

I do not hold a grudge against the people for whom I have worked, and I know my friends at ROLDA mean well. They are trying to provide me with a quiet end to a long, hard life, but my work has had a purpose, and I know my family is better for it.

I just hope that other horses will have a better end than me.

Big Bang’s Teory

My theory is that all people understand that you must work hard in life to survive. You hope that all your hard work will earn you a good retirement, or at least a few days to rest before you pass into the next world.

It is the same for those of us who wander on four legs. We seek only to please, to work hard, to serve and protect our human companions. We may not speak each other’s language, but we feel joy, fear, and pain as you do. We also feel tired as we age, and we hope to be allowed to rest. If I must, I will continue to toil in the fields until the day I die.

My hope for a horse sanctuary

ROLDA believes that we exploited horses in Galati can have a peaceful end. They want to build us a sanctuary where we can live our final days in peace—a safe place where we can finally rest after a life of servitude.

But they need your help to build this sanctuary, and I am pleading for your support.

I, Big Bang, and thousands of neglected, abused, overworked, and abandoned horses like me need your help.

We desperately need a sanctuary!

ROLDA can build it for us, but they need a helping hand.

My friends at ROLDA have worked hard to develop an eco-friendly horse sanctuary design with an open field where we can run freely… something many of us have never done.

They have been waiting patiently to raise the necessary funds to start construction, but they are still thousands of euros short.

Too much time has passed, my friends.
Please donate today to help ROLDA build the horse sanctuary.
I, Big Bang, and my fellow horses need.

Thank you!
Big Bang

Help ROLDA build a horse sanctuary

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