12 May

Free Dogs

Deadline: Twice as strong and …free!

Romanian dog

What would you think if someone offered you a free dog?
Believe it or not, many people think that there must be something wrong with that dog.
The truth is there are many reasons for offering a free dog:

  • Financial troubles;
  • Medical issues;
  • Unable to provide quality care;
  • Unable to own pets;
  • Allergies…

The list goes on.
When someone is offering a free dog, at least they are acting responsible. Many people abandon their dogs because it’s easier.

Sadly, some people are forced to abandon their dogs.
Romania is a poor country. The average income is 200 EUR per month. Millions of people cannot afford to own pets, but a lot of them try because they love animals.

It’s much more difficult for a poor Romanian family to give away a free dog because the majority of the population is also poor.
As a result, millions of dogs are abandoned.
There are 2.5 million street dogs in Romania.
There are 6,000 puppies born on the streets every year.
They suffer from starvation, sickness, abuse, neglect, torture, poison, cold, heat, and death.

If it wasn’t for ROLDA and its generous support of the UK, and other participating countries, these numbers would be much higher.

ROLDA rescues hundreds of abandoned dogs every year and helps them find homes across Europe and sometimes in USA.
But the adoption rate is still low compared to the number of abandoned dogs.

We need your help to increase the number of adoptions!

For every 1 dog adopted, 2 lives are saved! For every 1 dog adopted, we can rescue 1 more dog and bring it to our shelter.

Just because a dog is up for adoption, or because someone is
giving away a free dog, does not mean there is something wrong
with it.
Adopting is much cheaper than buying a dog. And you would be saving a life that has only known suffering.

We have 700 dogs to choose from.Find one today at sponsoradog.ro.
When you bring your dog home, we bring another one to our shelter.

P.S. If you cannot adopt right now, you can help a dog by
donating, sponsoring, or sending a gift. Every support
helps to save another life.

ROLDA UK registration number 1162690. Download here the Gift Aid form. Please complete, save and send it to roldauk@gmail.com

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