Put your unwanted car to good use! Donate your car to help rescue homeless dogs.

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you have a car you no longer need or want. Perhaps donating your car wasn’t your first option … and that’s totally okay! Maybe you didn’t even know it was a “thing” you could do. You’d be surprised how many people don’t.

But we’re confident that if more people knew that they could donate their car, they totally would!

The process of donating your car is easy! (please go to this link  to get started)  CLICK HERE

Parting ways with your car is difficult. (Well, maybe not all the time. We’re sure there are some people who are just eager to get rid of their jalopy!)

But we’re here to reassure you that the act of donating your car to a good cause is always rewarding!

How will ROLDA use the car you donate?

Our ROLDA shelter in Galati, Romania is a 3-hour-drive from Bucharest, where we need to travel often for logistical purposes such as:

Supply Runs (dog food, medication, veterinary equipment, etc.)
Veterinary and Animal Hospital appointments (for dogs in need of complicated and/or emergency operations/treatments)
Adoption Travel (drive dogs that have been adopted to the airport or bus terminal to travel to their adoptive families)

For local purposes, the car will be used for:

Rescues (drive to rescue stray dogs)
Campaigns (ROLDA provides sterilization and vaccination campaigns for stray dogs)
Food Delivery (ROLDA feeds stray dogs in the community)

These are some of the more important things our charity will be able to do more efficiently and more frequently with another car. (Right now, we only have one van which we rely on the fulfill all these tasks and more.) We are extremely grateful for this van. It has saved many lives over the years, but, the truth is, we could benefit from another vehicle.

Especially since our goal is to save more lives!

Want to donate your car to ROLDA?
Please visit our partner ‘s page: CLICK HERE