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There are thousands of homeless animals for which Christmas is just another day to suffer. The divine aroma of festive food drifting up the street is not enough to fill the belly of a hungry stray.

For these owner-less animals, the scraps they find in the street make Christmas taste like any other day.

The cold that pierces their body and the wet fur that becomes icy and painful against skin, all feel the same regardless of whether it’s Christmas or not.

But what if, TOGETHER, we can transform their present and give a brighter
future to as many as possible?

This Christmas, spread your magic power to an animal in need.

You have the power to transform the lives of the animals suffering in silence, all alone!

Your generosity, compassion and kindness are the true miracles they need this Christmas (and any other day).

What if every day felt like Christmas Day?

Sasha and pups

Sasha was suffering greatly with tumors but never abandoned her 3 pups. ROLDA stepped in when a 9 year old female dog was abandoned with her puppies.

Sasha, the mother of 2 male pups and 1 female, managed to ignore the pain caused by 2 tumors (one of which was giant) and continued to feed her babies and look after them.We immediately took Sasha into surgery for the tumors to be removed and we hope for the best: that no tumors will come back and she will live happily, in a safe family. And of course, we hope that her babies will be adopted too. Being small in size and extremely friendly, they stand a good chance.

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Zhmenka kitten

One day, a military man came to the shelter. He brought with him in a box the seemingly lifeless body of a small kitten. Volunteers cried as they listened to the story about military and kitten.

Touching the body, the baby began to breathe, and we immediately sent her to the clinic and just waited for the doctor’s verdict, praying for a little soul. For the first two days, the doctors did not give a single chance, they just asked to wait. It has been dripping all these days, it has been dripping. On the third day, the baby felt better and we exhaled. It turned out that the baby does not have one eye, she is exhausted, and now doctors are fighting for the life of this baby every minute.

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Do you know that a regular gift will enable ROLDA to budget more efficiently
for rescue missions, and help more animals in need?

Animals like Sasha, her babies or Zhmenka kitten

Full tummies & happy wagging tails

Protect a dog from the bitter cold

Donate a veterinary health pack

Fill Santa sleigh


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It’s #dogsXMAS …and #catsXMAS too!

Since the Christmas Food Appeal began seven years ago, ROLDA supporters have continued to donate generously.
We have exceeded 100k meals delivered to starving homeless animals in the Galati community and since last year, Ukraine too.

ROLDA’s goal for this year’s Christmas campaign

Completed: 28.000 MEALS


Raise funds for 20000 meals to share between Romanian and Ukrainian animals in need.

Donate 1 $ for one meal.
More $ transforms into more meals for them.

ROLDA’s slogan is “Christmas is not just for people…” simply because it takes everyone to make this world a better place for animals, no matter if you choose to save a turkey from ending up on the Christmas table, build a doghouse for a neighbor’s dog that is exposed to extreme weather, or make a donation to our (or any other) shelter.

Without your support, the reality is that thousands of animals who rely on ROLDA will have an awful Christmas: hundreds of dogs from our private shelters, pack of strays roaming freely in the town, thousands of animals saved by our partners in Ukraine, or dozens of cats cared in our sanctuary or by our partners; they all rely on you and us. How do we help them all?

How can you have the capacity to help thousands of animals in Romania and Ukraine when you can only make a small gift? The answer is simple: you are not alone. Luckily, this is our magical power. Thousands of supporters like you share the gift of giving with ROLDA at Christmas, which is how your donation empowers us to support many animals in need.

Every success story begins with a single person but can’t be carried individually; it relies on a team effort to continue to be written.

For ROLDA supporters, Christmas is every day because they are generous and empathic.

We know that you wanted to be here to:

Deliver support to animals trapped in occupied territories in Ukraine

Rescue sick and injured animals in Romania and Ukraine

Break the chains for dogs living in captivity

Share a joyful tear seeing rescued dogs reaching their adopters

And much, much more…

And in many ways, you were, thankfully, not just for Christmas!

Please check a summary of

ROLDA’s accomplishments during 2023

ROLDA extended its support to 7 other small charities from Romania, helping them to sterilize,pay vet bills and buy food for animals in need

Coloring books created and distributed for free by ROLDA continue to be a huge success across the country

The ROLDA team visited the battle zone in Ukraine (Kherson) to deliver humanitarian aid

We welcomed first guests of the sanctuary for disabled and senior cats

ROLDA improved small shelter facilities (adding heating, electricity, repair kennels, etc)

We continued to distribute small grants and supplies to a dozen of animal rescuers across Ukraine

ROLDA sponsored sterilization campaigns in Romania and Ukraine

Our social campaigns succesfully supported to seniors who struggle to look after their pets

Big thanks from the ROLDA team for another amazing year together!

Happy Holidays!

Life can change in an instant for any of us. Disaster can strike. As Her Majesty the Queen said “grief is the price we pay for love” but in my humble opinion, it is the love that keeps us going.

After a probable second Christmas of war continuing so close to our shelters, there are more questions and uncertainties than we imagined when the panic over COVID came to an end.

The war horror, crimes, and abuse are marking directly inocent animals, leaving more of them homeless, hungry, cripled and in pain. As if millions of homeless animals from Romania isn’t already a heavy weight financially and mentally, the tragedy of the Ukrainian only shows the capacity of love in our hearts and mind, in a world where hope remains the sunshine that lights our souls.

It is challenging to predict what next Christmas will bring us, this planet is an increasingly difficult place to live… but I don’t hide, I don’t run away from challenges. I know we are many; people with great values, people who are passionate about animal causes, people who treat pets like family… and I know that together, we fear, we cry, we hope and we win. We are consumed by the hope that make us feel alive. Together we can do, day by day, the best we can to give back to communities in need, for people and their animals. I don’t mean only donations, but any gesture which supports our beliefs and values. A handwritten card to someone who helped, a visit to someone who lives primarily alone, a gift in a will for a charity; small or big gestures make a big difference.

Together, we can fuel an ambition to prove to the next generation that even on the worst days, as it is during the war, people form a special bond with their animals to support each other.

The PawzUp project is inspired by all of this. You can read more about PawzUp by visiting and decide if this will be your next year’s project to support. 2023 was a mixed year for ROLDA, with good and bad moments, but that’s exactly how life is. I am grateful for every ROLDA supporter who continued to stand by us and support our programmes. ON behalf of the entire team, I wish you all Happy Holidays and a better New Year that will bring you everything that money can’t buy.

Dana Costin

Founder of ROLDA

Never let go awareness campaign