Dogs breeds

In Romania … NO dog breed is safe.
In 2013, the Romanian government passed a law to kill the entire stray population, including dogs held in public shelters.
That means 2.5 million homeless dogs are being…


The authorities do not care for dog breeds — if the dog is homeless, it must be killed.
This is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest solution the government could think of. To them and millions of Romanian citizens, homeless dogs are an inconvenience that must be eliminated.

But not everyone feels the same way. We at ROLDA work hard every day to save as many homeless dogs as possible from slaughter. ROLDA is a small charity that operates from a remote industrial town in Galati, the poorest region in the country.

Without the generous donations from people outside of Romania, ROLDA could not exist … and the homeless dogs would have no one to fight for them.

This is why we are reaching out to you all the way in Sweden. We need your help to save homeless dogs from a brutal death.

YES! I want to send my donation to ROLDA from Sweden.

Your donation will immediately help us rescue more homeless dogs from being caught and killed by Romanian authorities. But you should know that we at ROLDA do not focus on saving specific dog breeds — if the dog is homeless, we must save it!

Big dog breeds, small dog breeds, cutest dog breeds, old, young, injured, disabled, disfigured, sick … they are all worth saving!

And your donation makes this possible.

At ROLDA shelters, we provide rescued dogs with the quality care they deserve. Our mission is to:


Your support helps us rehome hundreds of homeless dogs across Europe each year. Thanks to you, people looking to adopt a dog can browse through the hundreds of dogs at ROLDA.

We have 700 dogs in our care (which is our capacity), and we
have many different dog breeds to choose from: big, small, cute,
old, young, and special needs.
All these dogs are at ROLDA because of the compassionate
donations we have received from Finland and other foreign
countries that care about the homeless dogs in Romania.

Now it’s your turn to show Romanian homeless dogs you care!

If you live in Sweden, please use these bank number 573-0502 to make your donation today! (Association ROLDA Sverige registration no. 802490-7050)

You can also help us spread the word about ROLDA!