12 May

Dog for sale

Arthur bowl of food is empty

The next time you see a “Dogs for Sale” advertisement, think about this: 2.5 million dogs in Romania are suffering and dying!

Every day an abandoned or homeless dog suffers starvation, sickness, neglect, injury, abuse, torture, loneliness, and death.
These poor dogs suffer alone in silence every single day.

They cannot approach a human and ask for help—in fact, they usually get kicked away, beaten, poisoned, or tortured … just because they are an inconvenience to society.

These dogs don’t mean to be an inconvenience … they’re just trying to survive!They’re searching for food … a safe place to sleep … clean water … and for someone to show them kindness.

“Dogs for Sale” will always be purchased and given a home.
But “Dogs for Adoption” usually die in the shelter they are being held prisoner in. Or … they are brutally killed (because of the current law, poor economy, lack of education).

When you see a “Dogs for Sale” advertisement, remember the Romanian dogs! And remember that ROLDA has been saving thousands of these dogs for over 10 years!

Our humane dog shelters accommodate up to 700 dogs. They receive quality care and they are ready to be adopted.

The only difference between “Dogs for Sale” and “Dogs for Adoption” is that dogs for adoption are born on the streets … without a family or a home. They are just as smart, loving, kind, gentle, and caring as every other dog. The difference is that these street dogs suffer alone in silence … every day.

They need your help!

They deserve love! They deserve to be happy!

What will you think about when you see a “Dogs for Sale” advertisement?
To help a homeless dog in need please visit us at sponsoradog.ro

Alissa from England decided not to buy but to adopt a dog. And Sunshine, from our shelter, a small-medium perfect playful female was Alissa choice.

Sunshine in UK“She really enjoys going to the park and just rolling around in the grass without her leash on!! Sometimes we will throw her the ball and she will look up at us, like, “You think I am going to get up from this comfy place?

Alissa – England

The “moral”? You can’t expect that our dogs to do exactly what you have in mind, they are not mind readers and yes, sometimes they do have personality to show but they will always, no matter what, make you smile and be there, with you and for you, in good and especially in bad moments.

And if Sunshine beauty didn’t convince you, please read Pansela amazing story!

P.S. You can help end the suffering of a dog today! Adopt, sponsor, donate, give a gift, or volunteer. Indifference already killed too many of them! You will be saving many lives just showing a bit of care, compassion and by making a small gift!

Your impact when making a one time gift

Your impact when making a monthly gift

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