22 Jun

Dog for sale

Your search for a perfect dog STOPS HERE!

Dog for sale or dog for adoption?
There are several arguments for each option, but we at ROLDA are focused on finding a loving home for every dog it rescues. We do not offer DOGS FOR SALE … only DOGS FOR ADOPTION.

We do not oppose to the sale of dogs (as long as it’s humane), but our mission is to rescue every homeless dog in Romania and give them an opportunity to become adopted.

There are 2.5 million homeless dogs in Romania that are suffering from starvation, disease, neglect, abuse, and torture.
These same dogs have been labeled a threat and danger to society, and now they are being…


We desperately need your help to prevent defenseless dogs from being brutally killed.

If you are looking to own or buy a dog, we ask that you consider adopting one of the 700 dogs we currently have in our shelters. They have known only suffering and deserve to be loved.

Just browse through our dogs at sponsoradog.ro and choose one today!

When you adopt a dog from ROLDA you are saving 2 lives!
That’s right! When you bring one of our dogs home, we can go out and rescue another helpless dog and bring it to our shelters where it will receive the quality care it deserves.


Because the chances of one of our dogs being adopted by a Romanian citizen is almost zero. The average monthly income here is 200 EUR, and most people cannot afford to own pets.

Without the support of foreign countries like Sweden, our dogs would continue to be homeless. Without you, ROLDA cannot survive … and the dogs will have no one to fight for them!

Simply go to sponsoradog.ro and choose a dog. We will take care of the rest.

And if you know anyone looking to buy or own a dog, tell them about ROLDA and the hundreds of dogs that are available for adoption today.
P.S. You can also help us by volunteering at our shelters. In 2013 and 2015 we welcomed volunteers (even a young filming crew!!!) from Sweden and we are always welcoming more. The dogs are waiting for you! Come and make a difference for them!

P.S.2 Not able to travel? You can make a difference as virtual volunteer. Contact Sandra and Lisa at info@roldasverige.se

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