Can you imagine being left alone for 2 years?

Everyone has their bad days.
Everyone has obstacles to overcome in life. How big or small a problem may be does not matter—it’s still a problem. What does matter is the help and support one receives during such difficult times. We are always grateful — whether we realize it or not — for those who are with us when we feel most alone.

Can you imagine yourself being alone for two years of your life? For two years you had no one to turn to for help. For two years no one offered to help you. What if these were the first two years of your life?

You’re probably thinking, “How could one survive alone during their first two years?Pansela did.

After she was separated from her mother, she was left to roam the streets of Romania. She was exposed to many harsh environments, climates, wildlife, and people. She had no knowledge of the world — no one to teach her how to feed herself, or how to find shelter, or how to avoid being hit by cars… Yet, Pansela managed to survive.


She beat impossible odds. She overcame every challenge life threw at her … and she did it alone. Pansela did all this only to be captured and thrown into a small cage, where she was to await her death.

Can you imagine not being able to tell your captors about your struggles? About how hard you’ve worked to live another day only to experience hunger, abuse, and fear. That even though each day of your life you felt unwelcomed in the world, you still did your best to spend another day here.
And even if you could tell them … what if they didn’t care? Or what if they couldn’t do anything to help you? Pansela never could say anything — and she never did.

Thanks to compassionate people like you, Pansela was rescued. At the moment Pansela was living at our ROLDA shelter. Here she received medical treatment, shelter, food, companionship, and more importantly — love. All these things she so desperately needed in her life have made such a positive impact on Pansela …and on us.

Pansela — and hundreds of others dogs like her — are spending the day playing and making new friends, rather than searching through trash for her next meal. Though she cannot talk, her new joyful spirit tells us she is very grateful for everything you and ROLDA do for her.

But we at ROLDA are hoping that your generosity doesn’t end here. There are an estimated 2.5 million stray dogs in Romania, all going through what Pansela went through for the first two years of her life. Unfortunately, many of these strays fight to survive but never experience what it’s like to be loved.

Only with your generous support we are able to save more of these neglected and abandoned dogs from their cruel fate. By giving just 10 EUR a month you are helping ROLDA to continue its care giving efforts and to expand its reach to help as many strays as possible.

These dogs don’t need much to be happy. Compared to the life they lived before arriving at our shelter, dogs like Pansela are extremely grateful for every compassionate act they receive.

By sponsoring one of our dogs for just 10 EUR a month, you are returning life back into them.

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You are giving them a chance to discover the better side of the world. But most importantly, you are giving them a chance to become someone’s pet. Someone’s friend. To become the new member of a family. You’re giving a dog a chance to show that he or she has so much love to give in return — to show that he or she can bring someone happiness too.

And do you know what? You did that already for Pansela because I saved the best for the last.

Pansela in UK

Meet Pansela and her new giant-best -buddy from UK!

We’re hoping that for many dogs from our shelters, the journey doesn’t end here at ROLDA. Though we love having them all, we want better for each of them. Since we’re rescuing dogs every day, our shelter can become overcrowded, which makes it challenging for our limited staff to give each dog more attention.

All the dogs with us at ROLDA fought each day of their lives until we were able to rescue them and give them a chance to experience love. Unfortunately, many dogs do not survive long on the streets, so each dog we save truly has been given another chance.

The last thing we want is for their chance to go to waste. So if you are thinking about adding a pet to your family, please consider one or more of Pansela’buddies. You would be giving each other an opportunity to express love and happiness.

If you don’t have plans to adopt one of our dogs at the moment, please remember that you can become their sponsor for just 10 EUR a month.
You would be giving them so much — and they don’t need much to be happy.

Thank you for taking time to read about Pansela’s journey.

With hopes, Dana

PS You can always send any one of our dogs a gift. They will be eternally grateful to you.

PS2 Maybe you are curious to see our furry buddies? Click on a dog photo to learn more 

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