The story of Cookie

Cookie spent years in ROLDA shelter and nobody wanted to adopt him. He got used to sheltering routine and survived, exactly like he did on the streets before we rescue him.

Cookie is a senior dog and with a shelter full of cute pups, not many people give a chance to a senior.
But Avril did.

She got the precious Cookie delivered in September and when she contacted us with feedback, she brought tears to our team’s eyes.
It is said that love is blind. In Avril s eyes, Cookie is looking exactly like Baloo from Jungle Book.

She told us that: “Cookie is adorable. We got him in September and as the days passed settling in, delightful characteristics unfolded. His excited pant on greeting you, his nose erect then breaking out into a funny bellowing howl. Wriggling on his back contentedly alleviating his itch and his big paws shaking about, he resembled Baloo the hilarious gentle bear in the cartoon Jungle Book!” But what touch us the most is this phrase: “We wish he had entered our lives many years earlier.”

Yes, Cookie should meet Avril much sooner because in a shelter, we only protect these dogs against being hit by cars, injured, but we can’t offer them the best.
With Avril, Cookie enjoys living, even if its just for the last years of his life.

We thank you Avril and family for this happy end story and this amazing opportunity to discover the treasure inside a senior ROLDAdog!

In photos you can see Cookie enjoy walks at the beach, long walks near someone that love him. Cookie gets lots of hugs and surprises because Avril wants to catch upall the years they missed. And in one of the photos you will see Cookie near his first ever Christmas tree. He might not understand what that tree is about, but we know that Christmas miracles exist when are made possible by amazing people.

But our mission does not end here! In the ROLDA shelters we have around 300 senior dogs that deserve a chance at life and good care in old age.

We need your help, they need our care!