There is no Better Time than TODAY to Change Lives

It’s 10 years since ROLDA born as a charity in Romania and also in USA. It is a time of celebration for all the people that made this dream possible. Some came and go, some others remained. Our team grew internationally, stronger than ever. But is it enough?

2016 is also the year of a big lost. The local steel partner broke their contractual responsibility, leaving 200 dogs with no financial support and leaving the whole shelter without the sewage machine and without the long-expected, promised investments.

Worst, I received documents showing that the same steel company called the dog catchers to remove dogs from the front of their property. These dogs (some wearing the ROLDA tags, showing that they were sterilized) ended up in the public shelter, a well-known place from Hell, from which just a few dogs survive to escape.

It’s a bitter “10 years celebration” for ROLDA but we take the things as they are, move on as we can’t give up, not today and not tomorrow.

Not while we still have the smallest hope for these voiceless 650 dogs, not as long as we have the possibility and the willingness to fight for their rights and our dreams.
The good news is that each of us has the power to help these 650 dogs live comfortably, enjoy a safe life, have the hope for a future. Our biggest urgencies are the food and medical care for these dogs.

Our first dog saved in 2016 was Pasha, a disabled young friendly female dog. Gail from England couldn’t resist her charm and in June, our Pasha traveled to her new forever home. We changed Pasha’s life.

During 2015, we changed 918 dogs lives and many other dogs from poor community were helped in the past months (vaccinated, sterilized, microchipped)thanks to international partners and private donations. The big projects which we have, are put in hold for a while, until the financial situation get stabilized.

If you already made a contribution to ROLDA, there is one more step you can do: Take a look at this website and see our lovely dogs ready to be adopted…or sponsored. One of them is Boston, a gorgeous, smart, friendly, neutered male. Sadly enough, he currently has no sponsors…but such a big heart!

Share our website maybe one of your friends is ready to meet a furry partner, or willing to sponsor for a month or for a year a dog. I know, it’s difficult to choose from all these pretty faces, but you should know that for 25 EUR, you can Sponsor Them All.
It is not the best 10 years celebration, that’s for sure. But, we had even a worst moment and we made it, and we will survive these ones, too.

I know we will because TOGETHER we are the undefeatable source of energy for these animals, once abused, once neglected and alone in their suffering. We made many steps forward together. We built modern shelters and maintained them, we created social campaigns and helped poor people and their pets, we expanded our dreams to give hope to more animals in need, we adopted in Europe hundreds of dogs and for these dogs, the whole future changed unexpectedly.

They didn’t knew we are here for them. Until they felt our passion, our love and our commitment. And we did notice their humble gratitude and pure joy in an instant when they smiled, wag their tails when their eyes’ dark shadow was replaced with a sunny, friendly, grateful look. For these moments, for many of these same (or better) moments that we have the opportunity to create, to help them, to change their lives…please do not abandon them and do not abandon our dreams from which countless more other dogs depend!