Ventilation system dogs

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The small ROLDA sanctuary consists of 15 boxes (kennels) which are at capacity, where rescued dogs are welcomed and prepared to enter forever homes.

All stalls have doors that open onto a common hallway and we used three large doors and several windows to ventilate and cool the air. During the rainy or colder season, this cooling air solution is not enough.

By consulting the experts, ROLDA has been advised to use a ventilation system that will force the humid air out and balance inside. The ventilation holes will be installed above the windows, near the ceiling, all 3-4 meters away from each other.

Here are the estimated costs (excluding VAT) for the ventilation system:
for materials: RON 12890
to enlarge windows or create new doors in wall panels: 11775 RON
Workforce: RON 5120
(RON / EUR conversion rate as of 27.02.2020)
6196 EUR
Accumulated moisture can cause respiratory problems in dogs.

Be generous and help us provide the best affordable comfort for all the dogs we don’t care for. Make them feel at home in our refuge!