Vaccines Needed for Our Dogs

$516 raised of $3500

Please help ROLDA vaccinate the 5 Shih Tzu pups and all the other 700 dogs that are currently under our care. The total cost of the vaccination campaign is 3500 EUR. The deadline is March 31, 2021.
If we don’t vaccinate all our dogs by March 31, 2021, ROLDA will:

1. Be removed from TRACES and all adoptions will stop;
2. Face huge veterinary bills and see unhealthy dogs exposed to horrible, life threatening diseases;
3. Risk exposing staff to infections;
4. Face closure of its shelters;
5. Be forced to stop and we will be incapable of saving more dogs from the streets.

Please donate 5 EUR for an adult dog vaccine or 10 EUR for puppy vaccines.

Did you know that?

70% of unvaccinated puppies die before becoming adults?
99.9 % puppies with distemper die?