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Romanian horses: Pets or working animals?

The highest percentage of Romanian horses are used for working (carrying, farming) and transport. As long as they are functional and useful, the majority of “working horses” get water, food and some medical care but often they are brutalized and beaten.

Loss of skills and knowledge about the horse’ health and correct handling led to a desperate welfare situation and the worst situation occurs for the old or injured “working horses” who can’t be exploited anymore.

1 million “working horses” are estimated in Romania. Starting years ago, EU clearly demanded that all the horses to be identified and registered. Unfortunately, there are many horses yet micro chipped, exploited and often sacrificed for the illegal meat trade industry.

The slaughter in Galati

In 2013, the remains of a few hundred horses were discovered by the local journalists outside Galati. The investigation showed that the horses’ meat was illegally put for sale and the unused parts of their bodies were simply disposed on the field.


Full article and more images here  – Attention! Strong Graphics Content!

Photos of injured, abused horses in Romania – WARNING Strong Graphics Content!

In the village of Smardan alone, the official veterinary records indicate that 200 horses disappeared during 2008-2011.

If too skinny or too sick,  Romanian horses and donkeys end up abandoned at the edge of the road.

Our sanctuary wishes to serve primarily the old, injured, skinny cases – the abandoned horses and donkeys. Working with the authorities and the regional veterinary, we aim to confiscate the abused horses and donkeys from their owners and transfer them into our care.

A model of sanctuary for horses

After extensive researches to find the best model design for  a barn that matches the Romanian climate (harsh winters) and the horses’ needs, we choose this:

Horse barn

Section of horse barn

We would like to build 2 barns like the photos show and secure an outdoor arena for the first lot of horses  saved.

Please make a donation to help us build the first barn!

We also need:

  • Stainless steel feeding equipment and buckets for water
  • Transport trailer
  • Horses accessories