04 May

Caramel story


Visiting Caramel

(Visitor thoughts) When I arrived the dogs were all barking but after a few moments, they stopped…and that was one of the most beautiful silence …

I looked around – dogs everywhere- small, white, brown or black. I didn’t knew in front of which kennel to stop first. And there he was: a tiny white/caramel angel handing his paw.

(Dog thoughts) I knew someone is coming. I learn to distinguish a different sound from all the noise. It’s easy, after a while, to hear a different voice or sense a different smell. We (dogs) all try to find the right spot, the right angle inside the kennel to see better what’s happening.

(Visitor) Come on, pretty – don’t be shy…

(Dog thoughts) She just stopped in front of my kennel and I freeze. What I am going to do now?What if she will leave, too?

(Visitor) Why are you shacking , treasure?

(Dog thoughts) Is she going to notice me? Does she actually look at me, what shall I do now?

The pee – the spots you see now – oh, I am so embarrassed, it’s not what you think… I can be house trained, I know how to behave but right now, I am nervous and a bit scared because your eyes follow all my moves and without even really knowing it, I waited for this moment all my life …

(Visitor) Can you please open this gate and give me that gorgeous boy to hold, yes – that one that staring at me…

(Dog thoughts) Oh I might soon find out what a real hug means!

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