The long journey of a hungry dog

Millions of people, and animals, suffer and perish from starvation every day.

Extreme hunger is an intense sensation that can drastically change a person’s behavior, even to the point of doing unspeakable things to feed themselves and their families.

The same is true for animals.

What chances this dog would have if we wouldn’t be there to give him hope?

Ken was found in an empty field. We can only deduce that he was abandoned there, in this vastness of dirt and grass, where food and water are extremely scarce for miles. For a stray to even find a scrap of garbage to eat around here would be like finding a rare gem in a desert.

But Ken found one … and it was costly.

In this abandoned landscape lay an open can of tuna. Ken must have been starving for days before the smell of stale fish enticed him. He didn’t care if the can was months old or if it was empty, he just wanted to savor food and stop feeling hungry. We can only imagine the desperation and intensity with which

Ken licked the can for him to get it stuck in his jaw.


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Now, he was unable to eat or drink anything. Now, it wasn’t just starvation that was consuming him, it was anxiety and fear.

We’re not sure how many days Ken spent like this, but by his level of dehydration, we estimate 2-3 days. We rescued him just in time. We needed to tranquilize him to take him to the vet, otherwise it would have been risky taking him in while he was panicking.

When he awoke there was a nice warm, nutritious meal awaiting him. The metal can was safely and successfully removed from his jaw, but he remained weak, underweight, and traumatized. His breath was very faint, and our medical team is currently racing to figure out the cause.

Right now, Ken needs specialty wet food since his jaw and stomach are still very sensitive.

Seeing Ken with this can in his jaw, and his poor health and desperation, I felt like he was a “canned soul,” a kind and gentle being who wanted to escape his body, just to get away from the torment of being a stray. It’s difficult watching a helpless animal suffer, but it’s in these moments that I need to be strong and focus on being there for Ken.

And that’s where I am, here by his side.