ROLDA is a non-profit organization (CUI: 18416340) located in one of the poorest regions of Romania (south-east), Galati county, where we provide short and long term humane solutions to the homeless dogs population, exposed to abuses, hunger and often, a cruel death..

We transform rescued dogs (sometimes very scared or shy) into safe pets for the right people-companions.

With us, a dog stops subsisting and starts living!

Short term impact

  • Rescue every dog in need of our assistance;
  • Provide medical care to rescued dogs;
  • Built and manage modern, clean sheltering facilities (1st shelter and 2nd shelter);
  • Provide emergency food aid to poor pets;
  • Sponsor the sterilization and identification(microchipping) of poor pets from villages to reduce the abandon rate;
  • Re-home sociable dogs in Romania and abroad,  in verified (pre-selected) adoptive families/individuals, based on adoption contract agreement.

ROLDA’ Smaller Shelter was nominated for three times in the past 10 years the Best Dog shelter from Romania.

Long term impact

  • The rehabilitation program addressed to abused, wild, very scared or shy dogs that need time and patience to start trusting people again. For these types of dogs, we created the Rescue Center.
  • The REX Clinic built on the premises of the Rescue Center is the first-ever built charitable, social veterinary clinic from south-east of Romania, one of the poorest region of the country.
  • Project: To create the green PawzUp Project to generate a responsible attitude from local people toward the environment but also to increase local adoptions.
  • To encourage the international volunteers from all over the World to visit, to help our staff and the hundreds of dogs from our care!
  • Educate the local community to respect the animals lives and their rights, to get actively involved to solve the street dogs’ massive problem
  • 1Life is ROLDA’s latest Outreach Campaign.
  • Project: Wild habitat for un-adoptable dogs (read how far we are with this project)
  • Project: Therapy for seniors (using dogs who used to be homeless)

ROLDA spent responsibly and efficiently your donations to assist 1215 dogs during past year.

Make a monthly donation to help ROLDA save street dogs’ lives!

Just 9.5€ a month or whatever you can afford to save a life!

As our activity expands and as our expenses increase, we depend on your donation to have a steady income to continue our rescue mission in Romania!

Become an active member of ROLDA You’ll be directly involved in our short term and long term objectives and we’ll be fortunate to save the animals in need, together!

Did you know that…

In 2016, ROLDA celebrated 10 years of existence in Romania and 10 years since it became incorporated as a charity in USA?




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