They had no one to save them

6 puppies left outside in bitter cold to die. It’s utterly shameful, disappointing, and inconsiderate when someone doesn’t have the decency to let us know they are leaving 6 unwanted puppies outside our gates. This is a cowardly act from someone who has no regard for innocent life.

Now, one puppy is dead from hypothermia, dehydration, and starvation. The surviving 5 siblings huddled together in the cold, wet box to keep from freezing to death like their brother who lay lifeless next to them.

Can you imagine being left in a tiny box with your siblings out in the freezing cold without food or water? All of you are crying because your body starts to go numb and you grow increasingly anxious and desperate to try and keep warm.

And then…your brother drops dead next to you.

You can’t even mourn him because you are paralyzed by the cold and the fear that you could be next. All you can do is bark, whimper, and cry with the hope that someone will rescue you before the harsh cold of winter consumes you too.

When we finally heard their cries and ran to them, I looked into their sad eyes, and I could feel each one of them speaking to me, all saying the same thing:
“If you lift me from this wet box, I promise to make you happy, I promise to give you my friendship—a friendship that nobody else can give you, that only I can give. I am a little treasure that can make people forget their problems, that can help people laugh, play and even stay in better shape, physically and emotionally. It costs you nothing to love me, yet it seems so hard. I am a Romanian homeless dog and would be forever grateful for a friendly word, a hug, something to eat … and please never forget that my biggest dream is to be in your home, near you.”

We are heartbroken that one puppy didn’t get a chance to be saved, but we are grateful for the 5 surviving souls who are now safely under our care. This is a tragedy that could’ve easily been avoided. If the person or persons, who left these puppies outside our shelters in a tiny box with a few measly straws thought they were doing the right thing, they are sadly mistaken. But, it doesn’t help to dwell on the past. All we can do now is to remind others that if they have puppies, or dogs, or any other pets or animals they don’t want, they can contact us directly. Leaving them nearby is not being responsible. Our sanctuary covers a large area, and we are a small group of staff and volunteers.

If you can make a donation today, that would be so inspiring. But if you can’t, we understand. You’ve helped us so much already and we couldn’t be more grateful.