Sep. 23, 2018—Staff and volunteers from ROLDA Sverige were in Romania this weekend to carry out a sterilization campaign for pets of impoverished families who cannot afford the procedure. With the help of our local team, 100 dogs and cats were successfully sterilized and registered in Smardan and Piscu.

The families and their neighbors welcomed us with open arms. They gave us tomatoes, grapes, and wine in appreciation for our hard work and good intentions. They made us feel at home and like part of their tight-knit community. It was wonderful and inspiring to spend time with such honest and caring people who share our vision for better animal welfare in Romania.

By allowing us to sterilize their pets, these families are contributing to the solution, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their support and understanding.

These are humble citizens who struggle to subsist each day on a low allowance that can barely pay for food, so it’s understandable for them to prioritize feeding their pets over sterilizing them.

Even if they had extra money to spend, they would probably spend it to secure next month’s meals, not to spay or neuter their pet. For them, it’s much more important that their dogs, cats, or livestock are fed and healthy. And while they all agree that the stray crisis in Romania is terrible, they have bigger problems to worry about.

We understand. We fundraise for these sterilization campaigns because anybody can see that these poor people are doing their best to provide for their families, including their animal companions. They love their pets, and they hate to see homeless dogs and cats suffering. They want to see less of them on the streets and more rehomed.

They feel so blessed to have our charity nearby to help them address these issues, and we are honored to be so welcomed into their community, and for giving us the opportunity to help them.

Their cooperation is important in solving the stray dog crisis in our country, and we deeply appreciate their support.

ROLDA would also like to thank the incredible ROLDA Sverige team for their commitment and dedication, and everyone who helped us make this campaign possible.

Thank you!