Youth Education

Compassion for our future

Our children, and our young people are our future. It is in entirely in our power to educate them. Perhaps like our dogs, people are what you make them. If we teach compassion, respect, and empathy, we assure the communities we are building, the citizens we are raising for the future, are kinder, and more caring. Not just to the animals, but to each other, and to all the life forms that we share our planet with.

We visit schools, meet with youth, and encourage local children and teens (and everyone!) to volunteer or take an interest in the vital work that ROLDA does. We realize that building community support for our projects, and supporting poor communities to abide by the costly, and often complex government regulations regarding pet ownership is a precursor to success. People should not be separated from their pets due to restrictive legislation, and costly registration fees. Compassion, caring, and building community support for these values cannot be separated from seeing success in our rescue and other efforts.