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You care. They live.

Every Year Approximately 1.2 Million Dogs Are Killed.
ROLDA Rescues Dogs, Rehabilitates Them and Finds Their Forever Homes


First and Second Best Gift for a Dog Smile

Donate Now to Help Us Save Them!


Every year, millions of dogs die because starvation and diseases on the streets or in the public pounds. The number of dogs and puppies dying because lack of proper medical care is exceeded only by the number of dogs run over by cars, or killed because people abuses. Romania, country in European Union since 2007, is the country with the highest stray overpopulation from the entire Europe, higher than Greece, Bulgaria or Spain.

ROLDA’s mission is to rescue every street dog in need of emergency aid, nurse and rehabilitate him when needed and find for each rescued dog the matching human companionship.

Not only do we rescue every dog in need of basic, urgent assistance, but we provide medical care to those rescued, manage clean sheltering facilities and find homes for sociable dogs in Romania and across Europe. ROLDA also provides free social assistance to microchip and spay/neuter the pets owned by poor community from villages as well as food emergency aid.

The local pounds are a nightmare: filled with dogs, starving, eating each other to survive, living in dark and misery. In these locations, only 1 out of every 100 strays collected from streets will find a permanent home. The rest are executed, often in the most barbarian ways.

In a country where a law condemns them to death, ROLDA saves them!

Stray dogs are the first beneficiaries of our projects in Romania, the most fragile animals we can reach. As long as we have you aside, we are hopeful to continue our rescue mission.

A dog is meant to be a family member. The greatest gift you can make to a street dog is to give him a loving, forever home.

If pet adoption is not right for you, we also accept donations. That’s the second greatest gift you can make to a stray dog.

Donations are gratefully accepted to continue the rescue missions in Romania, to keep the shelters up and running. ROLDA’ Smaller Shelter was nominated three times in the past 10 years the Best Dog shelter from Romania.

Using a minimal budget, ROLDA addresses the massive stray dogs problem responsibly, efficiently and humanely. We provide daily care to 700 dogs in modern, clean facilities. We rehabilitate shy and semi wild dogs, victims of abuses and abandonment. We transform the dogs’ lives, help them wag the tails.

Visit our shelters and you will have the proof that dogs smile. You will need to make a few steps inside the shelter to be greeted by happy, playful, healthy dogs ready to sniff a good person.

Yes, they suffered more than words can express and sometimes, more than we can imagine. They put the past behind and are ready to forgive, trust, be loyal and grateful. They only expect a sign of compassion from humans who still care.

Buffy and Ingrid

Millions of dogs killed in Romania

Millions of dogs were victims of abuses and cruelty. For them, we can’t do anything but for the ones still alive, is not yet too late. Unless we allow this to happen.
If you can’t adopt a dog of your own, all it takes is EUR 10.00 to save a life.

With EUR 10.00, you will feed one of our 700 dogs for a whole month. Or you can cover partially a veterinary bill, or buy some straws and blankets to keep the dogs warm during the coming Siberian winter.

Do you have just EUR 10.00 to save a dog’s life?


There is no better time than today to save an innocent dog’s life. Whether that’s through adoption or donation, we just want our rescued dogs to be safe and healthy. And if you read this article so far, you want the same.

To us, no donation is too small, we need all the help we can get in order to continue to rescue every dog in need of emergency assistance. If you are interested to meet our dogs ready to be adopted, please click here.

Help us rescue innocent street dogs and provide them a healthy, decent life while they are waiting to be adopted.

We want to thank everyone who have visited our site and read about our cause. Every single dog is important to us, is a member of our family. But he can be a member of your family, too. We hope you will join us to put an end to homeless animals overpopulation in countries like Romania!

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