30 Mar


ROLDA Team June 2016

Why Support ROLDA?

There are thousands of charities across the World that rely on people’s generosity to survive and grow. Why to choose to support ROLDA? This is why:

1. ROLDA Respects the Donor Bill of Rights

Work Principles: Legality, Efficiency, Responsibility, Transparency.
We never made any unethical or illegal compromise for anything and anyone.

Click here to read ROLDA Donor Bill of Rights.

2. ROLDA Respects the Donors

Our Principles: Respect, Privacy, Loyalty, Transparency, Confidentiality.

We are a registered charity (reg. no. CUI: 18416340);
Annual Financial report is public on the website and on Romanian Ministry of Finances;
We are controlled by the National Veterinary Authority periodically (3-4 times/year);
We inform international public opinion by e-newsletter, online reports about our activity;
Document the income/expenses of all projects;
Provide separate Financial statement for each international branch;
Create a sustainable business plan for years to come;
With minimal funding we sustain one of the best Romanian shelter in the past 10 years.

3. ROLDA Respects the Animals

Modern Sheltering Facilities with a capacity of 700 dogs;
Staff clean the shelter area multiple times/day;
Provide dogs with fresh water and high protein or diet food;
Security company guards the shelter property 24h/day;
Professional veterinary care 7days/week;
Rehabilitation for scared, less sociable, shy dogs;
Improve and upgrade the shelter facilities;
Campaign against animal hoarders;
Campaign against filthy public shelters (PS).

4. ROLDA Respects the Team Members

Pay all social taxes for all employees;
Discourage employment of illegal workers;
Vaccinate annually the employees against rabies;
Provides protection equipment.

Why ROLDA is Number One

First international charity created by a native Romanian leader. In the past 10 years, ROLDA became incorporated charity on 3 continents: Australia, USA and several countries in Europe.

First modern dogs shelter ever built in Romania (2003). Top rated the best shelter from East Europe in 2004 and the best shelter from Romania in 2010 and 2013.

First insulated and heated dog shelter ever built in Romania (2003) and fireproof (2004)

First Romanian animal charity that started online fundraising international campaigns. (2000)

First animal charity in Europe sustained by a multi-national corporation for a single project, since 2007 until February 2015.

First charity that built accommodation spaces based on dog’s different personality.

First charity that replaced the “classical” promotional materials with the hand-made items created by local artisans, to encourage and support local economy.

ROLDA is a registered, nongovernmental, and non-profit charity.
ROLDA’s annual financial statements are available on this page as well as on the Ministry of Finance official webpage: mfinante.ro


When choosing to donate to help animals in Romania, be careful to select a legally registered NGO against a private person which send you private bank account details for donation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Always make sure that you ask for/get the charity  registration number, which is named CUI in Romania and must have 8 digits (all numbers). It is your right as a donor to demand a copy of the latest financial statement which normally should be stamped by an ANAF official.