20 Nov

Van crashed in accident. Help!

The new van purchased in summer of 2014 was subject to a terrible accident: a truck lost control and hit the front left side, destroying it completely. The driver VASILE, a ROLDA team member, suffered lesions to one hand and was hospitalized.

Lace - wired dogLACE is one of the last dogs we saved from a cruel death. He was found caught in wires and if our team wouldn’t transport him to the vet for an emergency surgery, the infection coming from the back leg would spread along his whole body.

You probably volunteer many times at your local (nearby) shelter, or at least you watch TV Animal Planet and you understand how important is a rescue van for a rescue charity – We can’t have basically rescue missions without a vehicle that will enable us to transport dogs to the vet clinic or  back to the shelter.

Our van is  completely damaged. We had the RCA (mandatory insurance for Romania) but this is usable in case our car would have caused the accident = our driver would have been guilty. The truck had no RCA, so nobody will cover our loss. The bad news don’t stop here: the truck driver wasn’t hired legally for the company who owns the truck.

The only thing we can do is to sue the driver, who is broke anyway and wait several years, until the trial ends, to hope to get some money. If the driver as no penny, he will go to prison and we’ll still have no loss recovered.

Police investigated the truck and concluded that the back side of the truck had no brakes, which means it could have kill anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Every year hundreds of street dogs are helped because we have a reliable way to transport them and responsible drivers who caused no accident until now.

Irresponsible people and unfortunate circumstances caused a tragic situation for our dogs and our staff.

While I hate to ask our supporters twice money for the same thing, everyone would understand that this is a dramatic situation that nobody wanted, planned or wished to happen.

A new van costs 9,800 EUR. Please help our dogs to get a new van before Christmas time! Please help many other dogs from streets to be rescued or transported to their new homes!

The list of donors will be updated on this page.

Big thanks to Alessandra, Ann, Anne, Barry, Borghild, Corinna, Diane, Geneviève, Georgia, Hege, Isabelle, Laura, Lolita, Michele, Nicholas, Nicole, Silje, Wiebe and Protection Suisse des Animaux!

Van before accident
photo: Van before the accident

Van crashed
photo: Van after the accident