Meet Heart, the heart of Vlad’s family


When Heart stopped eating, lost weight and fur and also developed sores all over her body, Vlad and the family feared they were loosing her.
They didn’t had a car to take Heart to the vet and a smelly, sick dog on the city bus wasn’t an option either.
That’s why ROLDA exist : To Give Hope to people like Vlad and his family …but especially to Give Hope to dogs like Heart.
ROLDA sponsored the veterinary costs for Heart’s recovery: the greasy rests of meals created an allergy to Heart’s skin. She needs a strict diet to protect liver and very important, she needed regular parasites control treatment, which she never had in her lifetime.

Heart became part of 1Life Campaign which gives poor pets the chance to have access to quality food/when required, diet food but also emergency treatments like parasites control pills and spot-on treatments. Keeping pets healthy for a responsibly community that care for them, makes us proud of the hard work we undertake and every effort seems worthwhile. And thanks to our supporters, possible.

Every penny raised provide pets in underserved communities with emergency food supplies and essential care like vaccinations, medication and aid supplies.

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