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Thank you! You’ve just given 2 dogs a doghouse to keep them safe!

In just a few days, 2 lucky dogs will finally have a roof over their heads!

Thanks to you, of course!

We are so excited to be delivering the doghouse you provided to 2 humble dogs in desperate need of shelter. You have instantly given them the respite and refuge they’ve been seeking for years.
As you well know, ROLDA hopes to deliver 400 doghouses to poverty-stricken dog owners in nearby villages by the end of the year. That means 800 dogs will have shelter to protect them from extreme weather conditions.

By having contributed a doghouse, you have put us one step closer to our goal.
We are extremely grateful for your support!
Oh, one last thing…

Just a reminder that our friends at Association ROLDA Suisse have generously offered to top up each donation with €20 until end of this year, so if you know anyone who might be interested in helping us with this project, kindly remind them of this special offer before it expires.

Let’s not give up! Please share with as many of your friends as possible or on Social networks.

Thanks again!