15 Jul

Jenka from Sweden (July 2020) part of ROLDA Sweden team, ADOPTER, VOLUNTEER VISITOR

ROLDA is my greatest passion , it truly gives my life meaning and a great purpose to help the Romanian dogs . With the COVID crisis just like any other hard times in dog rescue, it only motivates me to help the ones in need even more . The dogs are helpless without us and I keep seeing their furry faces in my mind. Even though we cant travel at the time there are so many other things we can focus on to help , like getting more new happy homes ready for the time when we can finally bring all lucky dogs to Sweden again and raise money to maka life better for the ones still in Romania .Beethoven is the best thing that has happened to me and my family. we love him beyond words and he goes everywhere with us . It amazes us how smart he is and so good with everyone and everything. He loves children and other dogs and he walks like a perfect gentleman with my 88 year old grandma. He loves to cuddle and we smile all the time thanks to him. He is also my great motivation and reminder to help all his other friends that are still back in Romania . He is my lucky rescue mascot and best friend .

Jenka (July 2020)