They have waited long enough.

After 10 years of focusing on rescuing homeless street dogs, we are ready for a new movement.
Though we are far from saving all the strays in Romania, we have come a long way—and we continue to strive towards our goal.
But as we’ve been fighting for these poor defenseless creatures, other animals have been suffering.
One in particular is often exposed to hard labor, abuse, and neglect.

The horse.

These loyal and majestic animals are so gentle and kind.
They are faithful companions … helpful spirits … and devoted friends.
They are willing to help us and are always ready to give.
But far too many horses are mistreated and looked as slave laborers that don’t deserve respect.

Click here to see cases of abused horses in Romania. Warning!!!!! Strong graphic content!

(Photo copyright ROLDA)

They are forced to carry and pull items that are way too heavy for them—and when they struggle, they are whipped and beaten mercilessly.
They are pushed to extremes until they are injured or die from exhaustion or starvation.

NO animal deserves this! EVERY animal deserves love and respect!

ROLDA has fought for horses for years, but we have reached a point where drastic action needs to be taken.
We refuse to wait any longer for these horses to be saved.

They have waited too long! They need our help now!

YOU can help save these horses from unjust and unfair treatment.
Your compassionate donation will help us to open a sanctuary where rescued horses will be safe and free.
YOU are saving them and giving them a new chance at life.

TOGETHER we can end their suffering and give them hope.

WE can do this now!
THEY have waited too long for their sanctuary—and together we can finally build it for them.

Your kindness and support will make this possible.
Please visit Horses Project to donate to ROLDA today and help us build this sanctuary.
The horses are counting on us!

Thank you for your compassionate support!

P.S. Visit us at Ways to Give to discover you can help us continue our fight to save homeless or abused animals. If you have no money to give but a minute or two to spare, please become an Ambassador for our charity. You will help horses, but also dogs or other animals in need.