22 Oct

New challenges

Large shelter - 700 rescued dogs

700 dogs need your help immediately!

Our local sponsor reduced the monthly donation in support of the large shelter activity. It affects the day by day activity of this place, where 700 dogs were rescued from death,looked after at best standards possible and prepared for adoption.

In addition to this, the 60 dogs from the small shelter have no sponsor and no future!

The situation could turn to be dramatic and we might close the small shelter if nothing positive happens in the next weeks.

700 dogs need quality food and part of the shelter needs repairs and upgrading to meet the EU standards

Everything accomplished so far at ROLDA, it happened because of our sponsors and private, generous supporters. When the help stops coming, we face a critical situation of extreme concern on how the future will look like. We are very concerned for the welfare of all the dogs we took a great responsibility for when they were rescued from streets.

2 pups saved

Today, Flori from the small shelter rescued 2 more lonely puppies. She couldn’t let them die at the edge of the road. She cleaned them, feed them…and immediately after, they were sleeping like angels.

Every day, our team finds dogs in need of attention, dogs that remain alive when we rescue them or if we turn our back, they will soon die or be imprisoned in the public shelter where they will starve to death.

Please help us feed all our dogs!

10€ Feed a shelter dog for one month
20€ Feed a shelter dog for two months
60€ Feed a shelter dog for half of year


Become a monthly donor for the small shelter’ dogs!


Sponsor a dog that you like in particular!

Our shelter needs repairs. Please help us give our dogs the best possible care!


Inside kennels that need repair

30 of the 120 kennels need repairs – the concrete must be renewed and treated for a long lasting resistance to the dogs urine and disinfectants.

Kennels that need repair

New roof needed

The rusty roof needs to be painted. We opt for a ecologic paint which will not affect the health of the dogs.

Workers rest area

The workers rest area and the container for food storage were old when we received them. Now, these containers need capital repairs to be safe and functional.

Storage Large Shelter

Workers rest area

Workers rest area