Meet Biscuit and Rudolf

Biscuit and Rudolf were born unwanted in Romania.

During a cold winter night, their mom gave birth to them and four other pups near a chicken coop. The family who owned the land where this dog gave birth found her and her litter the following day.

The kids loved these little treasures and convinced their parents to keep them. One day, Biscuit and Rudolf, just weeks old, were mauled by larger dogs. The owner found the pups in the mud. Both covered in blood. He was terrified that his kids would see them and be scarred emotionally so he never let them see the mauled pups. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to treat Biscuit and Rudolf or care for their siblings and their mom, the owner, released the dogs to ROLDA.

Biscuit and Rudolf’s legs were amputated. Since they were not vaccinated, they had to spend three weeks in quarantine in an animal hospital to prevent their limbs from getting infected.
After their recovery, Biscuit and Rudolf will reunite with their mom and siblings.

Not just humans lost.

Dogs Suffer Loss Too.

Relu and Doina lost their sight. Dora lost her babies. Rambo and Pretty lost a leg. All these dogs cling to the hope that they will not be forgotten.









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“I’ve lived around dogs all my life, and I’ve been observing them for over 20 years.

To me, it’s a privilege. I’ve learned to understand their barks, their looks, their body language. I know I still have a lot to learn. They continue to challenge and surprise me even after all these years, but they all have one thing in common: they don’t lose hope. In fact, the first two lessons are about loyalty and keeping hope, and I believe I have learned them well.

These dogs don’t lose hope in humans because YOU are THEIR hope.”


President of ROLDA

Help ROLDA rewrite the future of pups like Rudolf and Biscuit, who have suffered tremendously.

In 2021, ROLDA supporters helped save 642 animals and rehome 174.



Dora suffered severe burns while trying to save her puppies from hot tar. Sadly, her babies didn’t make it. Dora is still at ROLDA.



Doina and Relu needed eye surgery and now live a normal life with people who treasure them. Both live in Switzerland.



Pretty lost her leg after a severe fracture. Today, she runs just fine on three legs, and she is enjoying her new life in Switzerland.



Rambo lost his leg from an infection. Luckily, ROLDA saved Rambo and found him a great home in Sweden.

The cost to care for a dog at ROLDA’s shelters can vary from just a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for more complicated cases.

It is expensive to provide medical care to animals. ROLDA has dogs of all ages, and the ongoing treatments are numerous. But with approximately 40 percent of dogs in their shelter being seniors, the treatment for chronic diseases, surgeries, and post-treatment care continue to escalate, and the medical costs continue to rise.

ROLDA supporters are all over the World. They are generous and committed to this foundation’s cause. Thanks to their kindness, ROLDA has managed to help dogs like Rudolf and Biscuit, Doina and Relu, Pretty and Rambo, and thousands more.

Yes, your donations help. Your donations matter. Your donations save lives.

What are the most common veterinary expenses?

Rabies vaccines and polyvalent.

All authorized shelters must prove that all dogs are vaccinated annually and registered in the RECS database.

Sterilization surgeries.

Performed to each newly rescued dog who welcomed in our shelters as well as for pets from poor rural communities.

Dirofilaria prevention treatment.

Dirofilaria is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes. Our large shelter is near a lake where mosquitoes thrive from April to October.

Other common veterinary expenses.

Include parvo treatment, skin treatment, fractures, infections, and dental work.

Flea prevention treatment.

Fleas are most active during warm weather, but they can also thrive in the early cold months.

Less common medical costs.

Include enucleation, amputation, water and laser therapy.

What is ROLDA’s Longest Medical Case?

Maia has been in intensive care since December 2018, when she suffered horrendous injuries to her front legs, putting her at risk of double amputation or euthanasia.

Maia’s recovery continued from mid-2019 (after her second surgery) until the end of 2020, when she left intensive care and travelled to ROLDA’s adoption center to be cared for by Flori for a few weeks before heading back to the vet clinic. Maia’s legs suffer every time she left ROLDA, but they were always there to help her recover.

Maia remained at the clinic for most of 2020 due to the COVID lockdown since travel was prohibited. In December 2020, when Maia finally returned to ROLDA, her injuries deteriorated again. She returned to the clinic in 2021 and will remain there until she is adopted.

Maia’s recovery continues to this day

Maia has spent dozens of hours of spread across three surgeries, months in intensive care, over two years of hospitalization and ongoing rehabilitation.

A bright future is on the horizon as Dana hopes Maia will travel to her forever home in Sweden in Spring 2022.

Who Does ROLDA Help?

Dogs who are homeless, abused, or neglected.

Dogs in danger of being abandoned by their owners.

Dogs saved from the local public shelters.

Dogs and cats from other regions of Romania where we identified collaborators (Tulcea, Caracal).

Dogs and cats from poor communities whose owners cannot afford vet costs.

During 2020, from 96% direct costs, 59% was spent on food, medicine, and veterinary care.