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Senior dogs like Ben

Urgently need a miracle to survive and thanks to our supporters, ROLDA is that miracle.

Senior dogs like Ben

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

Will you be part of Ben's miracle?

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*Items indicate some of the costs incurred with senior animal care. Your donation will be used by ROLDA to care for senior dogs wherever the need is greatest.

Please read Ben’s story, together we can give him a chance to live out his final years in comfort.

Ben is a large male dog, who has spent most of his life being used for sheep guarding.

Ben is a gentle giant, so he would often get less food compared to the other noisy and more aggressive dogs he was kept with.

The years passed and the poor diet, living outdoor in the snow, mud and rain has left it’s marks on Ben.

He started to limp due to untreated arthritis in his aging bones. He stopped being able to chew bones because he developed teeth problems, and he was getting weaker.

Finally, when he was little more than a skeleton covered in fur, his owners abandoned him at our shelter gate, where the caretakers found him in the morning.

This is the story of many dog’s… When they start having health problems and vet costs increase, when they stop being good guard dogs because their sight or hearing has become weaker, these senior animals are often disposed of like trash, abandoned by the very people that they have protected and been loyal to their whole life.

Dogs are very fond of their people and when they are abandoned they suffer terribly; some refuse to eat, the sadness in their eyes is heartbreaking.

When dogs like Ben are abandoned, ROLDA is the miracle that cares for them, offering them a new beginning. Our shelter is the last refuge for senior dogs like Ben and thanks to our supporters we continue to keep it open 7 days a week for hundreds of animals in need (many of who are seniors).

Last year over 350 senior dogs came to the ROLDA shelter and most of them continue to enjoy a comfortable life in our care, a small number are even adopted to forever homes.

Will you help us be there for more senior dogs like Ben?

After becoming a ROLDA resident, Ben had an appointment with the vet, his teeth were cleaned and some broken teeth were removed, he is now enjoying a new cozy bed, a prescribed diet that will help his liver and stomach, and pills that ease the pain caused by his arthritis.

Your kind donation could help more dogs like Ben get emergency care, and any medicines, vaccines and check-ups they may need.

A traumatic life can impact a dog’s behaviour. However, Ben is not like that. He is friendly and submissive and his beautiful big eyes will never be sad again because so many of us now care about him.

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Thank you!

Donations will go towards all areas of ROLDA work and help care for dogs where the need is greatest.