29 Mar

Give airmiles

Donate Air miles for our dogs

It stays in your power to be a hero for our dogs.

Besides the financial support, there are many other ways to help our rescue mission in Romania.

If you are a member of a frequent flying miles program, you can redirect your unused miles to our charity.

Our volunteers and our dogs traveling abroad are already grateful for your gift.

Your donation of air miles can

Fly over in Romania an animal lover with limited financial resources but with a big desire to do volunteer work in our shelters.

Fly home adopted dogs across Europe. 12,000-15,000 miles helps a volunteer to fly 4-5 dogs to their new, forever homes.

Why to donate air miles?

Why the program for international adoptions exist?

The dogs that we sterilize or help to recover can’t be returned back on the territory because:

— The new law that put in big danger of being killed all the dogs roaming on the streets.

— Most of the street dogs are suffering abuses, hunger. They get hurt and often die of untreated medical problems which could have been prevented (e.g. vaccination) or cured at the right time, before being too late.

— Small size dogs are preferred as pets in Romania but often, they are abandoned (because various reasons) and they become victims of harsh winter, or killed by larger dogs.

–Street dogs that don’t get access to food (trash) living isolated and not welcomed in  a pack. These dogs not only suffer hunger but also emotional trauma which leads to behavior problems.

–Injured dogs that recovered but can’t go back in the territory where they were abused.

–Dogs saved from the public shelters, where they would have been killed.

Because of the dogs adopted abroad, we have free spaces in the shelters to save more strays from a terrible death or a long suffering.


If you wish to donate us air miles, please contact us at rolda@care2.com for additional information.


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