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The ABCs of the Little Dog Owner

Together with talented students, canine behavior experts, and veterinarians, we have identified 20 issues dog owners face and turned them into sketches that little ones can color in, all accompanied by explanatory texts to help them learn.

The ABCs of the Little Dog Owner

We wanted to create a dynamic, attractive, and fun book that helps them understand the world of dogs, explaining the basic needs of pets; from rules for safety and caring, to general tips on maintaining the health of our furry friends.

At the beginning of the 2022- 2023 school year, this book was distributed to schools. The feedback was amazing and teachers and educational staff really welcomed the initiative and appreciated the effort.
Therefore, we have set the goal of distributing at least 5000 books in the rural areas of Romania. To help us achieve this, we are constantly looking for sponsors who will be mentioned in a dedicated section of the book.

Why welcome a dog in your life?

A dog will become your best friend. Dogs are forever loyal, present, up for any game, and eager to play outside.


When deciding whether to buy or adopt a dog, adopting is pure kindness.

Sleeping arrangements

A dog needs a safe space/bed to rest. This gives them a place in your home and making them feel part of your family’s routine.

The first days with the puppy

The first few days are crucial for your new dog, as they and your family welcome each other.

Speaking Toto’s language

Dogs communicate differently than humans, but they do understand consistent and clear commands and body language. Learn how to Speak Toto’s Language.

Dogs making friends

Socializing is just as important for dogs as it is for their human friends. It introduces them to new people, animals, places, and things.

Ways to show affection

You hug your mother, and you pet your dog. Learn the right ways to show affection and the type of affection your pet is comfortable with.

How to play with a puppy

He will not be the best chess partner, but he can’t wait to play fetch, tug at his favorite toy, and chase you around the house and yard.

What does a dog eat?

Your dog needs nutritious food. Check with his vet what to feed him according to size, breed, and health condition.

Types of food dogs are not allowed to eat

We know you like sweets and wish to share them with your best friend. But they are harmful to dogs. Find out what other food is bad for him.

Cleaning up after your dog

A dog owners’ main responsibility is cleaning up after their dogs. Dogs need to go outside, and owners must clean up after them.

Dogs and heatwaves

If the heat is difficult for you to bear, it is also difficult for your dog. Take the necessary precautions.

Wintertime needs

They may have fur, but they still feel the cold on days with especially low temperatures. See how you can help.

The importance of vet visits

Vets are pet doctors. They know best how to keep a pet healthy and happy. Find out when it’s time for a visit.

Your dog is unwell

Find out how to tell when to take your dog to the vet. He might get sick between scheduled vet visits.

New Year celebration for your dog

Joyous for us, hellish for them. Fireworks terrify dogs and they must be protected when they start going off.

Is your dog lost?

Nobody wants this to happen, but if it does, learn how to prepare and act as quickly as possible.

Abandonment – a major problem

Abandonment is a major problem as pets are 100% dependent on their owners. It must be avoided as much as possible.

Interacting with stray dogs

Stray dogs are the direct and tragic consequence of animal abandonment. Their lives are difficult, and they need help.

Helping a stray dog

If you care about stray animals’ well-being, you and your family will be happy to discover how to help.