07 Jun

Bag of Cement (20.00 EUR)

Send this e-card: “Your Gift is a BAG OF CEMENT to help build the base for ROLDA’s PawzUp Animal Center so that all the animals living there will have quality hygienic conditions.”

Dionis’ Story: We rescued Dionis when he was approximately 3 years old. He was skinny, scared, and alone. Luckily, our medical team and rehabilitation team helped Dionis make a full recovery and he lived happily at our ROLDA shelters for 7 years. It took us a very, very long time to find him a forever home, and when we finally did (after 7 years) he died of a sudden heart attack before he could meet his new family. We don’t know what caused the heart attack, but the health and safety of our dogs (and other animals) we rescue is our number one priority. Our paddocks are built from high-quality cement, the same we plan to use for our PawzUp Center. Dionis lived 7 happy years with us, and he never suffered any major illnesses during his stay, but sadly, he still passed away. Quality hygiene is important, that’s why a simple bag of cement will go a long, long way to help keep our animals healthy.

On behalf of all the dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, and other animals we’ve rescued, and on behalf of those animals who remain homeless and continue to endure abuse, our entire ROLDA Team says THANK YOU:
“As soon as the PawzUp Animal Center opens, over 2,000 animals will receive help every day until they move out to their forever home to be with their new family. Together, we are helping Romanian citizens to get directly involved in solving the stray overpopulation problem in responsible, efficient, and humane manner. Today, thousands of beautiful, healthy, and sociable dogs are currently living in overcrowded public shelters, and are waiting for a chance to be adopted by a Romanian family, before it’s too late.

About PawzUp for Life
ROLDA’s PawzUp for Life shopping area is an innovative way to fundraise for our PawzUp Animal Center, one of the most complete, efficient, and innovative animal centers in Eastern Europe which will contain a sanctuary for dogs; a sanctuary for cats; a sanctuary for horses and donkeys; a charitable veterinary clinic; and adoption center; and lots of playing grounds.