22 May

ROLDA President’s Message May 2023

ROLDA Sverige was founded in 2014 by Lisa, and a group of volunteers dedicated to helping homeless animals live better. The main goals of this association are to help ROLDA Romania: Fundraise to keep our shelters functional and Rehome dogs from our shelters in Sweden.

26 Nov

President message 2021

You would guess I will start writing about a dog story. No, this time I will write about you because no matter how desperate I am to save dogs in need in Romania, no matter how this consumes me every day, this is not everything that makes me who I am

27 Oct

Letter from stray

I write this letter because it’s important that this dog story to be told.  I don’t intend to make you sad, but if you read the letter until the end, you will agree with me that we still can save the dogs World and reshape the future of many who still have a chance and for whom it’s not yet too later.

10 Jul

1 minute, time of a whole life

If I will take only 1 minute from your time, I would quickly tell you that ROLDA continues to need you to transform the lives of abused and neglected dogs in a country with 2.5 million strays.