05 Jan

Meet Rudolf and Biscuit

Biscuit and Rudolf were born unwanted in Romania. During a cold winter night, their mom gave birth to them and four other pups near a chicken coop.

20 Dec

ROLDA in Tulcea

Starting in September 2021, ROLDA expanded its support to the nearby county, Tulcea. Danube river separates Galati and Tulcea counties…

15 Dec

Cookie Story

Cookie spent years in ROLDA shelter and nobody wanted to adopt him. He got used to sheltering routine and survived, exactly like he did on the streets before we rescue him.

26 Nov

President message 2021

You would guess I will start writing about a dog story. No, this time I will write about you because no matter how desperate I am to save dogs in need in Romania, no matter how this consumes me every day, this is not everything that makes me who I am

27 Oct

Letter from stray

I write this letter because it’s important that this dog story to be told.  I don’t intend to make you sad, but if you read the letter until the end, you will agree with me that we still can save the dogs World and reshape the future of many who still have a chance and for whom it’s not yet too later.