Accomplishments during 2022


injured and abandoned dogs in Romania

Rescue dogs

from war-torn Ukraine (in small numbers because of all the restrictions imposed by several governments that are against animals coming from Ukraine)

Extend financial support

in terms of small, constant grants to rescuers in Focsani and Solca (Romania)


dogs through our partners in Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, the US, and more

Send supplies

to animal rescuers in Ukraine

Help cats

in Tulcea (Romania)

Send funds

to animal rescuers in Ukraine


Run sterilization campaigns in
Galati and Caracal (Romania)
as well as Ukraine

Distributing coloring books

Continue printing and distributing coloring books in schools across Romania

We are happy to announce a beautiful project that will help ROLDA expand its support to other animals in need besides dogs: In the small shelter garden, we are about to finish a new construction which will become our town’s first sanctuary dedicated to senior and disabled cats. WOW! We couldn’t have done it without you!