17 Jul

Trap, neuter and release

The Catch, Neuter and Return program was held until 2014 for the dogs collected from the steel plant. This program was fully supported financially by ArcelorMittal Galati (AMG) and logistically by ROLDA.
Since ROLDA started the partnership with AMG for the dogs, our charity managed to reduce humanely (developing sterilization and adoptions programs) the stray dogs’ population with 70%.

An average of 40 dogs were catch, sterilized and returned on the industrial site in Galati.

photo: Dogs from the steel plant transported at the clinic to be sterilized and brought back in the territory. The straws or blankets keep them softly safe during a bumping road and also absorb the unwanted “liquids” to keep them clean.

photo: Dogs being returned to the steel plant.

photo: The sterilized dogs are marked with an yellow ID ear tag.