12 May

Abandoned dogs

There’s Still Time to Give

Mom with pups

Every year we rescue hundreds of abandoned dogs from the streets of Romania.

Some are abandoned by ignorant people who don’t want the responsibility, and others are forced to abandon them because of circumstances out of their control. Perhaps they lost their job, and cannot afford the cost of food and care.
Many of these poor dogs once had homes, family, friends, food, water, bedding, and love … and now they have nothing!

You can see the confusion and the sadness in their eyes. They don’t understand what happened. Where is my leader, where is my human pack?They spend days searching for their families, until they are forced to give up. They must adapt to the misery of street life, or die.
Tragically, most of them do not survive.

Without us these dogs would die of starvation, disease, or extreme weather conditions.

Without ROLDA and your support these dogs would be severely injured or killed from the beatings and abuse, the neglect, or in a worse case the poison left out by a horrible human with no compassion.

These poor creatures are stuck in an endless circle of suffering. These dogs have very few food sources, extremely limited shelter and few or no opportunities to improve their situation. Until you came along! You give them a chance and give them hope! You inspire the staff and volunteers at our ROLDA!

Many dogs have found sponsors and homes because of the compassion and generous support of people who are committed to saving the millions of abandoned and abused dogs in Romania. One dog at a time, we will realize our dream. The day when all dogs in our country are wanted, loved, and properly cared for. That day is still far in the future….

We ask that you join us in our struggle to save these poor abandoned dogs. Partner with us to give those suffering in silence and voice. Let them be heard!

You have the power tomake a huge difference simply by:

  • Making a donation;
  • Sponsoring a dog or dogs;
  • Adopting a dog or dogs;
  • Sending a dog or dogs a gift.

EVERY donation, sponsor, adoption, and gift helps to save and care for an abandoned dog. Visit us today at sponsoradog.ro Together, we can change these dogs lives forever. Together, we can do beautiful things!


P.S. These dogs are extremely grateful for all the support they receive. It is the act of giving that makes a difference in their lives. Without you these dogs will continue to suffer. We, and they thank you!

ROLDA UK registration number 1162690. Download here the Gift Aid form. Please complete, save and send it to roldauk@rolda.org

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