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Multi-billion company abuses dogs in Romania.

To Mr. Mittal, CEO

Dogs are abused by your company, you promised to build a modern shelter since 2007, which is still not completed, postponed vital investments like water and electricity for shelter from 2007 to 2014, exposing people and animals to high risk.

EU: Control the illegal shelters from Romania!

Animal lovers worldwide have formed protests to express their strong disapproval of the new law that promotes the capture and killing of stray dogs in Romania.
Thousands of stray dogs are being brutally caught and sent to horrific dog pounds where they are given just 14 days to be either claimed by an owner or adopted.
Captured strays are abused, tortured…

Stop illegal logging in Romania!

Romania virgin forest represents 65% of total virgin forests of Europe, except Russia. But now they are in danger of disappear, transformed into cash, particularly in illegal timber industry. While cash is important for economy, doesn’t substitute the oxygen. And oxygen is life. When forests are gone, not only hundreds of species of plants and wildlife will disappear but also our future will be gone…