Hobbes makes a big announcement

Hobbes, our dog Tami and Mr. President Obama what do they have in common? Stay closer to find out!

If you call yourself a dog savior, every once in awhile you have to save a dog. No one has ever become poor by giving!

2.5 millions street dogs live across  Romania while thousands of them die every week. It is in your power to save them. Join us! How will you be part of our rescue mission?

Every year, hundreds of abused and abandoned dogs are saved because of the kindness and generosity of people like you.

What can you do to help them now? So much!


           New “green” building to serve 250,000 people and 20,000 animals!

Millions of dogs, cats, farm animals suffer in silence across Romania. Right at this moment, by making a donation, you can make a difference between life and death for a lucky soul. Our supporters, like us and like you, don’t see these animals as disposable items. But too many people still do. So they are cast away as trash. ROLDA’ s staff and volunteers pick up what others consider “garbage” in Romania. With the support of our donors we can transform “waste” into wonderful pets, and find them loving homes. Please read more and DONATE

Animals helped in 2014: 1,498



Strays are a public health concern as well as an animal rights issue. Make our streets safe. Make a donation! Make a change!

In 2007, in partnership with ArcelorMittal we started a unique project in Romania, a project that changed life to thousands of street dogs, a project addressed not only to animal’ lovers but to the whole community! The ultimate goals are: No more street dogs at the steel plant but also a caring and a cleaner city! See here HOW we do it



   We built it TOGETHER! One of the best sanctuaries in Eastern Europe!

Started in 2003, following the British old-style shelter model, this sanctuary was built from zero with the private support offered by international donors. Evaluated 3 times by international experts, who compared it with various sanctuaries from Romania and other Eastern Europe  countries, it was top rated. See here WHY



  Help an injured dog! Help stop his pain!

The Medical Fund was created to cover the costs of activities like sterilization, emergency treatments, or post-surgery costs, short or long term medical care. Our own social clinic, built in autumn 2011, needs veterinary equipment, instruments, recovery stainless steel cages and special hospital furniture Read more DONATE



Therapy Dogs for seniors. A life companion

They could be elderly family members or friends. So often a loved one passes, and leaves a partner alone. Emotionally they are devastated. Financially they often barely subsist. Even the sunniest days may become dark. Our seniors still have so much to contribute and so much to give. There is much we can learn from our elders. Many have giant hearts and still much love to give. Help us to create a therapy center with companion dogs for seniors! A dog’s energy and happiness is infectious. You can see it on the faces of both dogs and people, as helping each other to live a less lonely life. What better reward is there than unconditional love?Read more and HELP


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filmfestival1Volunteering  is one of the best ways to help our dogs.Get started

Abandoned by her owners, but NOT by her puppies

August 20th, 2015|Comments Off on Abandoned by her owners, but NOT by her puppies

Abandoned by her owners. Saved by her own puppies
All pregnant stray dogs give birth alone. But this brave dog gave birth to her three babies while she was chained.

She and her puppies survived by eating […]

We made an offer he couldn’t refuse

August 20th, 2015|Comments Off on We made an offer he couldn’t refuse

We made Tobi an offer he couldn’t refuse!
Even after years rescuing dogs from the streets of Galati, we still can’t get used to the frightening conditions they live in. These images have the power to […]

Tiny Bleeding Paw

July 31st, 2015|Comments Off on Tiny Bleeding Paw

How A Tiny Bleeding Paw Brings Hope
For a formerly abused and abandoned rescue dog, trust can be a difficult, sometimes impossible emotion to show. Some dogs never fully recover. They can hardly forget. Recently, I […]

Help Tobi

July 31st, 2015|Comments Off on Help Tobi

Stop Tobi s Pain

Tobi was injured at his back leg and abandoned. Our rescue team saved him from pain, from an imminent death. Every year, thousands of dogs die in Romania because of […]