Help Santa ROLDA

Santa Needs Your Help!

xmastree_2015The homeless dogs roaming on Romanian streets make Santa’s job difficult! Santa Claus is in trouble!

Due to thousands of dogs that roam free across Romania, Santa and his elves might not reach the kids that wait for their gifts because the elves stop to play with the dogs in the snow and because Santa hear so many wishes from all these dogs, and most of these wishes are the same: each street dog wants a home! And Santa is sad for not being able to fulfill all these thousands of dogs’ simple wish!

ROLDA is rushing to the aid of Santa Claus but we need your help!
Ease Santa’s trip in Romania, by purchasing a gift like:

Clear The Way – sponsor food for a pack of dogs so they will be kept busy from playing with Santa elves

Keep Dreams Alive – sponsor us to build new, more kennels where to offer our rescue dogs “an alternative home”

Find An Elf Best Friendsponsor one particular dog

20€ Clear the Way
50€ Keep Dreams Alive
120€ Find Elf Best Friend

By purchasing one of these gifts, you’ll help Santa in his time of need. Think of everything that Santa has done for you! Now it’s your chance to help him out and let your loved ones know you’re thinking about them – about the Christmas spirit – about the well-being of Santa who has so many other houses outside Romania to reach!

Big thanks for saving Santa and his elves’ mission in Romania!

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