200 dogs are left die!

Mr. Mittal company left 200 dogs die. Our compassion and generosity can save them. Click here to read how

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No one has ever become poor by giving!

Current Goals

Urgent appeal for food.200 dogs left to die. Required: 120,000 € click to read more

Funds Raised 62

Stop Heartworm Disease! 600 dogs need YOU! click to read more

Funds raised 15

630 dogs in danger. Petition addressed to Mr. Mittal, one of richest people in World: Mr. Mittal – do not let your dogs die! Required: 20,000 signatures click to read more

Signatures collected % 37

With an estimated 2.5 million homeless animals, Romania has one of the most distressing situations in Europe regarding stray dogs and animal abuse. Hundreds of innocent animals die horrific deaths every week. We can’t promise you that we’ll “save them all”…but we’ll do our best. When You Join Us, We Become Stronger. With your support and generosity we have the power to save more lives, every day. Our campaign for compassion for homeless animals will never end.

Last year, 918 abused and abandoned dogs were helped because of the kindness and generosity of people like you.

What can you do to help them now? So much. There are so many ways to help!


           PawzUp Animal Center

An expansion of the large dogs shelter, which will include a hospital for homeless animals, an adoption center, a sanctuary for horses and donkeys and an organic small farm.
More than 20,000 animals and 250,000 citizens will benefit from this initiative READ MORE

The first dogs’ sanctuary in Smardan village

Located in one of the poorest regions of Romania, this place opened its doors for severely abused and senior dogs in 2003. It has been nominated the Best Dog Shelter in Romania 3 times! See here WHY

Animals helped – Total: 750


The second dogs’ sanctuary, located outside Galati town

In partnership with the corporation ArcelorMittal, we started a unique project in Romania. One that forever changed the lives of thousands of abandoned and homeless dogs. Our goal is: No more street dogs at the steel plant, but also the creation of a more caring and cleaner city! See here HOW we do it

Animals helped – Total: 7,000

Our charitable clinic for homeless animals and poor pets

The Medical Fund was created to cover the costs of activities like sterilization, emergency treatments, post-surgery costs, and other short or long term medical needs. REX is our own social clinic, built in autumn 2011. It needs veterinary equipment, instruments kits, recovery stainless steel cages and special hospital furniture Read more DONATE

Therapy animals for seniors.

They could be elderly family members or friends. So often a loved one passes, and leaves a partner alone. Emotionally they are devastated. Financially they often barely subsist. Even the sunniest days may become dark. Our seniors still have so much to contribute and so much to give. There is much we can learn from our elders. Many have giant hearts and still much love to give. Help us to create a therapy center with companion dogs for seniors! A dog’s energy and happiness is infectious. You can see it on the faces of both dogs and people, as helping each other to live a less lonely life. What better reward is there than unconditional love?Read more and HELP


hope3Sponsor one dog to help us save another from streets! Donate Now
cara_alain_morisodHundreds of dogs are waiting for you.Adopt one to save two!Find a Best Friend
filmfestival1Volunteering is one great way to help our dogs.Get started

Floods Disaster

October 14th, 2016|Comments Off on Floods Disaster

Severe floods caused huge damages

On 11 October, it rained a lot in Galati county, in some areas even 200l/meter!!! The locals from 4 villages were witnesses of a nightmare:
Waters invaded their garden, the basement of […]

Winter Fund

October 9th, 2016|Comments Off on Winter Fund

Cozy beds are in your hands
The cold nights arrived .The older and weaker dogs, but also the puppies feel the most this change.
Located one in front of the other, in 2 rows, our 12 paddocks […]


October 7th, 2016|Comments Off on FoodRaiser

Winter makes victims and dogs are not an exception
Romanian winters are extreme cold, with heavy snow storms, when temperatures reach -30 °C (- 22 °F) often during nighttime and sometimes even during daytime. When this […]

Free Diamond

August 26th, 2016|Comments Off on Free Diamond

Sometimes, she is out in the sun. You can see her walking slowly and easily notice how thirsty she is. Every few steps, she stops to scratch. Her leathery skin is like an old shoe. […]