Stray dog puppy and his mom

Save them from death!

No one has ever become poor by giving.

Save the others orphans of Romania!


2.5 millions street dogs live across  Romania while thousands of them die every week.
It stays in your power to choose how you will be part of our rescue mission.

Every year, hundreds of new dogs are saved because of people like You.

What you can do immediately?


good_strangers           Save a dog life! Your gift is priceless!

Help us to save more dogs from Romania streets. Right in this moment, by making a donation, you can make the difference for a lucky dog – a difference between life and death.  Thanks to our supporters, we pickup what it’s considered “garbage” in Romania and transform “it” into wonderful pets read more and DONATE

Animals helped in 2013: 612


basic_housetraining       Strays are a public health matter. Make a change!

Help us build a cleaner, healthier, safer community – for dogs and people! When you decide to make a donation for this, please bare in mind that the Building Fund is divided for more projects read more and DONATE


medical_needs   Help an injured dog! Stop his pain!

When you choose to donate to this, please note that the Medical Fund was created to cover the costs for activities like sterilization, emergency or post-surgery costs, short or long term medical care. The REX clinic which we built in autumn 2011 needs veterinary equipment, instruments, recovery stainless steel kennels and special hospital furniture.

As fast as we can purchase all these, the REX Clinic will be functional to serve the purpose for what it was created: to save more dogs in dire need of medical help.


loves_cuddles   Add your name on PawzUp Wall!

For each donation of 50 EUR, your name (or the name of your choice) will be displayed on a heart combining the ROLDA logo with a dog’s paw on our PawzUp Wall. A printed copy of your personalized PawzUp heart can be sent to you by email or post. This is an ideal way to make some good and memorialize a beloved pet!


icon_training_2Dogs therapy for seniors

They could be family members or friends. But they are alone and barely subsist, although they have a giant heart and still, much love to give. They are (some of) the seniors of Romania. Help us to create a therapy center with dogs for seniors! Some happy faces of dogs and people, helping each other to live better is the reward we give you in return.

hope3Donate to help this dogsDonate Now
cara_alain_morisodHundreds of dogs are waiting for you.Find a Best Friend
filmfestival1Volunteering  is one of the best ways to help our dogs.Get started
  • Cornelia

Help Cornelia

Help us stop Cornelia pain!
Cornelia was rescued from the streets. She became one of the 700 dogs from our shelters. Day by day, our staff does the out most to keep the dogs in best […]

  • Yelena dog

Fastest adoption

Starving, scared, in pain ….but never hopeless.
This is probably the shortest description of a street dog’ life.

If you ever experience the feelings of being hungry – you know how exhausting this is. Thirst on hot […]

  • adoptstray2

Automn education campaign

Why an education campaign for kids?
Every time we think about how the Planet will look tomorrow …or if there will be any Planet left after tomorrow…we turn our eyes to the young generation.

The younger ones […]

  • Street dog and a human

Summer News

Goals to reach before cold season comes
We presently have 750 dogs in our daily care. The most recently saved need extra quality food and some – special medical care.

All our protegees need quality care in […]