Why Sponsors Are Needed?

ROLDA does everything possible to find permanent homes ASAP for all our rescued dogs. Over more than a decade, hundreds have found safety, security, and love, with families and animal lovers worldwide. Rehabilitating and rehoming rescued animals takes time, and of course, money. By sponsoring a dog in ROLDA’s care, you are ensuring that “your” dog will receive the very best care until s/he finds her forever home!

We carefully screen all adoption applications, and aim to find a perfect match between person and pet in every case. When your sponsored animal (we do have cats and even a donkey available!) has been adopted, you are of course free to select another animal to benefit from your generosity. Without our international sponsors, many, many more dogs would (and will) continue, to suffer and die on the streets


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Your impact when making a one time gift

Your impact when making a monthly gift


Each ROLDA rescued dog that finds a sponsor enables us to take another soul into the security of our shelters. This means that when you decide to sponsor one of our hundreds of dogs, you are saving two lives, not just one!

Our sponsors are animal lovers like you. They come from all nationalities, and all walks of life. Our sponsors are saviors for the millions of Romanian strays; starving, suffering, unwanted, and abused.

Without our sponsors, these animals would have no hope; no future. You have the power to give that most valuable of gifts; the gift of hope. Be a part of the change that you want to see for homeless animals. Become a part of ROLDA’s work.

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