24 Oct

Christmas Appeal

ROLDA Christmas Appeal 2015

Christmas Meals for Homeless Dogs

More than 18,000 homeless dogs in Galati are alone, cold, and hungry this Christmas. During past year, ROLDA helped approx. 1,200 dogs to stay with their families or be safe in our shelters.

Our work is possible because of our generous supporters. We appreciate each of you and are grateful for your generosity and compassion.

Today, we are reaching out to you to donate a warm Christmas meal for those homeless dogs still roaming the streets and for over 700 mouths from our shelters.

We aim to fundraise for 20000 meals , each meal costs 1 EUR.

You have the Magic Christmas Power to transform a day in a dog’ life!

Christmas Appeal 2015

Hungry Mouths Christmas Campaign

Donate one or more meals for dogs currently living on the streets. ROLDA staff will deliver each meal to homeless dogs in Galati on Christmas Days and during severe weather conditions, when dogs can hardly find food on their own.

Donate for street dogs here

Alternatively, you can donate one or more meals for dogs currently living in ROLDA shelters. ROLDA staff will provide each dog with a warm meal on Christmas Day.

Do not underestimate the power of 1 and make your gift today!

Donate for ROLDA dogs here

or click this banner to become a Guardian Angel:

Christmas Appeal 2015 Monthly donation

We appreciate you taking time during this busy holiday season to support our Christmas meal program.

Please click here to see the full list of Christmas Foodraisers .

Thank you… and Have a Blessed Christmas!
ROLDA Rescue Team