Wishlist for dogs

Trash bags .90ml 13 gal and 45 gal yard bags
Dog treats
Treats for dogs with food allergies
Food Puzzles for Active Dogs
6′ leashes
Easy Walk Harnesses
Clean blankets
Clean big towels
Grooming brushes

Wishlist for veterinary clinic

Clipper Oster Golden A5, two speeds
Blades for Oster Golden A5
Vet wrap – 2″ and 3″
Sterile surgical gloves – size 6 1/2, 7, 8
New and gently used airline-approved crates (all sizes)

Wishlist for shelter (240V electric equipment)

Two-way radios
Portable Electric Air Compressor (for Paint Sprayer)
Paint Sprayer

Coffee maker
Thermal/airpot coffee maker

Tiller needed!
Tiller needed to reduce the time spent by the staff to work manually the land where the natural wind barrier was planted.

Big time wish

Individual running spaces where dogs from shelters to have daily exercises and enjoy sun days! read more

Container to storage supplies (e.g.dogfood)

Container (heated)for the staff area

Container space for dogs recovery and isolation (downstairs) and office (upstairs)

Because your donation matters! This is the most inexpensive solution to create professional working conditions for dogs and people safety.

Priceless wish: a forever home!

Did you already sponsored a dog? Now it’s time to tell his story to your friends and help us find him a home because…together, we transform each wild dog into a safe companion for the right people! And also, because for a dog, this is the perfect gift they ever hoped for!