09 Oct

Winter Fund


Cozy beds are in your hands

Winter nights continue to plague our shelters, making it challenging for our dogs to get a good night’s sleep. The dogs who are most affected by these freezing temperatures are the sick, senior, and puppies.
We have 12 paddocks that accommodate a little over 650 dogs. The cleaning and maintenance of these paddocks are important routine activities because the health of our dogs depends on constant hygienic conditions. No matter the weather conditions, our ROLDA team is always on duty cleaning the paddocks;the water and food bowls; disinfecting the dogs’ beds and paddock walls were they sleep; and also cleaning their running spaces.

Due to a good air circulation, the water from the kennels’ floor disappears quickly during summer time.
When it’s cold and humid, the water persists. During winter, it is vital to take precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of our dogs.
1. Veterinary bills become more expensive during winter
2. Diseases like rheumatic problems are difficult to notice and hard to treat
3. Dogs with chronic problems are more difficult to adopt.
These are just some of the reasons why the cold season must find us well prepared.
Every year, we fundraise for: blankets, straw, dog beds and bed repairs, fuel reserve, wood and
consumables, and high protein food reserves.

Give A Little for This Winter

Help 650 dogs fight freezing temperatures.

The blankets we use for those dogs housed at the small shelter because they are indoor, which prevents the blankets from getting wet from the rain or snow, which can lead to illnesses like pneumonia.
The straw we use at the large shelter as filling for the dogs’ beds and for Ben’s (our precious donkey)
resting area. Straw helps our dogs keep warm outdoors and is resistant to wet and humid conditions.
Our dogs’ beds are made from wood and are covered with aspenite (OSB, flakeboard).
Over time, especially over various long, harsh Romanian winters, these beds begin to deteriorate.
Replacing parts or changing a bed is costly, but it is a vital piece of furniture that keeps our dogs warm,healthy, and safe.

ZORA is 9 years old, and she has spent at least half of her life under our care. Today, not too many people are willing to adopt a senior dog because of the time and labor it demands. However, Zora needs a cozy, soft, and warm place to sleep this winter and beyond.
As a senior dog, Zora’s weak bones must be protected from the freezing temperatures and cold, wet floors. If this is allowed to happen, rheumatic problems will transform Zora’s life into a nightmare.


Last year, we raised money to purchase heating lamps to be installed in kennels where the sick and senior dogs slept, as well as those where puppies slept.
Sadly, a few weeks ago our clinic was vandalized. Several items, including the heating lamps, were stolen.
Unfortunately, rescue work in Romania is much more difficult than it seems.
Dogs like Zora need your help to get by this winter alive, healthy, and warm.
When you visit ZORA’s profile (or any other dog’s profile listed on sponsoradog.ro) you have the option to give a gift of 15 EUR to help us with winter costs. Not all dogs will be as lucky as Zora to get winter sponsorship, but she is a big soul and ready to share with her buddies whatever generous people give to her.

Donate a winter gift to ZORA. She promises to share.

Over the years, you’ve witnessed the obstacles ROLDA has had to overcome. Obstacles like budget cuts,criticism, and the recent vandalisation of our clinic. ROLDA has managed to beat such unfavorable odds because of your support.
Every donation we receive we use efficiently and responsibly in order to keep our dogs healthy.
Together, we succeed to give hope.
Remember: A cozy dog bed is in your hands. And I know it’s in the right hands because you are an amazing animal supporter.Just an example: Irene from Norway just made winter gifts to 8 dogs from sponsoradog.ro. The cold season just started and the correct preparations will keep 650 dogs safe until the next spring. Please, be as generous as you can!
UPDATE: Thanks to our Norwegian branch fundraising (6000 NOK) and several individual donations we collected over 50% of the Winter Funds.