26 Apr

The winning feeling


It happened! We felt TOGETHER that incredible feeling for a few intense moments, immediately after the voting end.

In March month, ROLDA joined the PETCO Foundation photo contest “Life is better together”. Our entry was the photo of Blu and Azzuro, made when they were little puppies. We remind you that Blu is still in our Adoption Center, waiting for his perfect adopter and Azzuro is adopted in Austria.

On Fundraising section, the three most voted photos win 2500 US$ from PETCO. The voting time ended on 10pm (Romanian time), on 23 April and the last hours were dramatic as it shows the final results see here

With 15943 votes, ROLDA finished the 2nd place , a team work done by our incredible supporters.
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Besides the grant from PETCO, we are still hopeful that our entry will qualify for a “photo prize” as our puppies are really gorgeous!

We are grateful to PETCO for offering us the opportunity to promote our work and raise much needed funds and we’ll be back next year on the photo contest page to live extraordinaire sensations near our great supporters…and win!
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Winning is one of the strongest feelings, but winning for these voiceless beings is truly priceless. Thanks to our voters, I was lucky to live this precious feeling.

Our great voters (in chronological order): Michele, Thierry, Sondra, Marine, Despina, Patti, Melynda, Jennifer, Lolita, Anne and Hege as well as help provided by ROLDA Suisse, ROLDA Romania and ROLDA USA.

PETCO also prepared lovely gifts for top-donors.

Thank you all who make another dream reality!