30 Mar

Wild Habitat


How much do you think freedom worthies these days?


Here in Romania, we try to figure out and the responses came as expected, in various ways.

We all know how much the freedom worth for each of us. But for our voiceless friends? For some dogs, freedom is priceless. Others pay the freedom cost with their own lives. Other dogs do not want freedom – they want to belong to somebody.

The Wild Habitat project will address exclusively to a particular category of dogs: un-adoptable!

Our top-priority is to save the first 200 dogs from filthy public shelter and transfer them in our wild habitat. Some of these dogs will be rehabilitated with patience. The rest of the dogs will remain on our property, living in packs, getting best diet and medical assistance for the rest of their lives.

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To complete the first step, we need funds to buy a large piece of land, ideally a forest with a natural water source. We’ll minimize the dogs’ impact on the rest of the wildlife species existent on property, using specialists advise. SEE PROJECT DESCRIPTION

If you have any suggestions, fundraising ideas or if you can recommend us some sources to fund this project, send us an email at rolda@care2.com


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