28 Aug

Wild Habitat Description

Wild Habitat -Project Description

There are scared dogs living, as you read these lines, in filthy public shelters, where they wait to die. They become a priority for us. Because what it would “more” priceless for these dogs if not giving them back freedom? There are also wild dogs which will never become safe pets because they suffered too much in the past to trust people again or because they enjoy too much their wild spirit to let it be tamed.

These dogs do not belong in shelters because for them this means prison for life, which transform the rest of their days into stressful nightmares (and sometimes as consequence, the caretakers or the other dogs suffer as well).

The wild-spirit dogs don’t appreciate the state-of-art design of a multi-millions shelter, or the modern upgrades being done to improve his life. Of course, he takes advantage of all these but his spirit was killed the moment people decided to incarcerate him.

How it looks a prison for wild dogs when it’s made by gold?

For us, humans – an eccentricity. For dogs – it’s still a prison they wish to escape from.

It is unfair that the man’s best friend to look a lifetime behind the bars.

To help un-adoptable dogs, imprisoned for life to get back their freedom, ROLDA proposed you the Wild Habitat Project.

This is the third type of shelter which ROLDA plans to create. The first type of shelter is designed for easy adoptable dogs. The second type of shelter offers a rehabilitation chance for dogs that one day will become safe pets.

The Wild Habitat will operate partially as a rehabilitation center and mostly as an alternative to dogs that will have almost no chances to be adopted: scared or frightened, seniors, handicapped.

The Wild Habitat projects steps include

  1. Purchase the land 20-40 hectares. Ideally the location of the land will be north of Romania because we’d like to address the poorest region of the country where our help will have the maximum impact.
  2. Fence the area using a combination of natural fencing (trees barrier) and wire.
  3. Get permits, approvals, connection to water, electricity and gas.
  4. Hire a security company and install surveillance system.
  5. Create the Wild Habitat facilities for dogs and administration/storage, recruit, hire and train the staff.
  6. Bring in the first 200 dogs – observe the packs.
  7. Build a rehabilitation center for 50 dogs.
  8. Build the bungalow/s where the international volunteers will be housed.


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